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Post by Matheusfx on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:46 am

Hey, here's a list of bugs I've found while playing the 1.03 demo!

  • When you are going to the tall grass without a pokemon you are prompted two times with the message about the tall grass when you're playing as Samuel (I didn't test it using Agatha, I think that happens with her too).

  • Sometimes, when you're walking over flowers (while moving down), their tile glitches over you while the character is moving to the next tile. (I'll post a screen shot if I manage to get one).

  • The word remake is misspelled in the second text the old Agatha icon displays and there is a space missing after the comma aswell. The real bug is that when she says her last text she disappears and you can even talk to her "ghost".

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  • Some of the texts in the game have empty lines that appear when you press enter to close the dialogue, forcing you to press enter again to close it. It gets really annoying since you can't make the text go faster.

- Example -
My bug list Bugpri12

  • It's not really a bug, but when you use Hypnosis it should say your foe fell asleep and not went to sleep, just like the original games Razz 

  • It is a bug that I know probably won't be corrected, but it would be an awesome improvement. When your character is entering a door, it doesn't get ''inside'' the house, it looks like an image placed on top of the door, as the walls don't cover any part of the character's body. I think the screen shot will explain it better a lot better.

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