Hello! I am Arroar AKA James

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Hello! I am Arroar AKA James

Post by Arroar on Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:16 am

Hey, I am Arroar AKA James and I am new here. My friend told me about this game at about a 10pm last night on team speak while playing pokemmo, Its now 8am and I found you! I have downloaded the demo and I @$*%ing loving it! Just wonderful!

A little about me. I work in video editing for a British broadcasting company. I also run a YouTube channel but I am sure that none of you care for that and I am not one for shameless advertising, Though I am thinking about doing a video on this fabulous game I wouldn't get all excited for the exposer as I have below 500 subscribers Very Happy (I am 5 months old on YouTube)

What else? I am 22 years old, massive Pokemon lover. Huge fan of indie games, not really a fan of AAA titles, too "linear" most of the time.

Love music, all sorts of music.

i love to get involved and help out you know. So i hope i am welcomed here, Very Happy

Talk soon you hussy's.


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Re: Hello! I am Arroar AKA James

Post by Tyrheon on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:26 pm

Thank you for your compliment of the game, and may I welcome you to the site. Though we do not take kindly to being called hussies. Wink 

Alletc., Tyrheon

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Re: Hello! I am Arroar AKA James

Post by TBC on Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:08 pm

Hey there, James!!!!

Here's a warm welcome to the Gen 0 community *hands warm welcome* Lulz. Awesome! I love hearing about how others have found this game and stuff. It's so awesome to know Gen 0 is being talked about like this ^_^ I'm really glad you enjoy the game Very Happy

Ooooh really? Cool! I don't mind if you post it up in your introduction thread. It's something about you, so that's ok to post. If you just made a random thread for that somewhere where it didn't belong, that'd be a different story. And yeah I'm interested ^_^ I'm one of those weird people where when I ask "how was your day?", I actually mean it :p I'm genuinely interested in other people's lives and learning about them and stuffs. So yeah I'd like to see it Very Happy What broadcasting company do you work for?

I'm 22 as well Very Happy When's your birthday? I know what you mean. I do like a lot of the big series', but some of them are just like "here's next year's version of _____ game.".

Cool. What's your favorite genre? Well if you wanna do a video of our game and stuff that would be sweet Very Happy I'm always up for shameless promotions XD Yeah! Good to have you around Very Happy

@Tyrheon wrote:Though we do not take kindly to being called hussies. Wink 
That's for you to say. I'm a TOTAL skank.

.... XD

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Re: Hello! I am Arroar AKA James

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