Lore, Scripts, and Stories Q&A

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Lore, Scripts, and Stories Q&A

Post by Tyrheon on Thu May 16, 2013 11:43 pm

Here I -- your humble correspondent Tyrheon, as well as other team writers -- will answer story questions, lore questions, and abstract questions not about particular pieces, but just about the process and stories in general. Here's a few examples of the sort of Q&A that we will field.

Q: Where can lore be found?
  • A: The lore can be found on bookshelves, but also perhaps in other places like sinks, televisions -- places you "press on" in Pokémon that usually result in a dearth of uninterest, in other words. We intend to change all those boring rooms you find in Pokémon and make them interesting.

Q: What's the point of lore?
  • A: The point of the lore is to enrich the world and the playing experience. TBC and I and everyone else working on Generation Zero are adamant to make this a solid, involved story. My lore will reflect that.

Q: Is it all going to be Metapod jokes?
  • A: Absolutely not. The lore is a mixture of genres, from comedy to science logs to children's story to diaries to horror to science fiction and fantasy. I myself have Literary Fiction experience, so take that for what it's worth.

Q: What's this I hear about characters talking during the books?
  • A: The lore is interesting in Pokemon Generation Zero in that, unlike in say Elder Scrolls, the lore is stationary. That is to say it cannot be moved from its shelf, counter, etc.. This is actually exciting, because it allows for diegetic interaction with the books. The punchline? Yes, the characters, Agatha and Oak, will sometimes have commentary to give about what they read, because also unlike in Elder Scrolls, the player-characters in Generation Zero are more closely akin to the player-characters of a Japanese RPG, meaning they have preset personalities. While you are not limited by the characters (you have choices), the characters are not faceless fill-ins.

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