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Donation promotion(promo has ended) Empty Donation promotion(promo has ended)

Post by TBC on Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:45 pm

Promotion over!!!! Stay tuned for more donation information. You can still donate, though!

Hey guys!!

As some of you may have seen from the Facebook page, I'm currently saving up for a Windows Tablet to take Generation 0 on the go with me. This could help progress a lot, since I am on the bus/waiting for transportation about 2-3 hours a day when I work.   I could be working on Gen 0 during that time, car rides for anything else, taking walks, taking a dump(hehe) etc.

The one I'm going for is the Acer Iconia W500. Though there's a nifty Lenovo Windows 8 tablet that looks good, too.

While I'm personally saving for this, I'm also running a campaign for donations to shorten the gap on that.  I'll have it regardless by the time I get my taxes back in February, or a couple months from now if enough Overtime is available at work. But I'd love to get my hands on that and work on Gen 0 more now :p

So, if any of you donate $20 or more to help with the purchase of this tablet(promotion goes until I reach my goal for it), I will give you an exclusive early release of the demo, as well as a position as a trainer within the game.  Freedom for trainers starts with some limitations, with those limitations lowering with higher-tier donations.  

So donating more will help getting special events surrounding your trainer or different extra things.

I will lock this thread when I get the tablet. Whether it is gotten by my money or with help from your donations.

You can donate here ( )

I will email you after donation with further details on the trainer/early demo.
Thanks, and stay tuned!

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