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Post by jadethestone on Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:28 pm

Just wanted to say. I played the demo and it was pretty amazing! I've been really excited about this idea and I'm liking that it looks like its turning into a reality.  I had fun playing it and my only disappointment was that it ended too soon.

I thought I'd also provide some feedback, so here are some things that could be improved upon. I know this is a demo, so I know that many things will be changed, but I thought that this might help:
- I mainly didn't like that the walking music overlapped the battle music.
- I like the idea of having people animations appear when important characters are talking.  However, I would prefer a more traditional pokemon drawing style, similar to the art in the images I've found when I search "pokemon generation 0".
- the placement of your pokemon in battle seemed too far away or in a weird area.  For instance, Gastly almost touched the opposing pokemon's health bar.

Other than that, it seems pretty good.  I'd like to see the other things talked about in this demo and in advertisements come to life, like making pokeballs out of apricorns and not having a pokedex and "sketching" the pokemon instead.  I'm interested in seeing what you do.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play this!
Good luck on the game development!


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Thoughts on Demo Empty Re: Thoughts on Demo

Post by TBC on Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:50 pm

Topic has been moved to "Gen 0 Suggestions" due to the nature of the post being suggestions/

Hahaha well thanks ^_^  I'm trying hard to get the next demo out for you all Very Happy

  • I don't recall the route music overlapping the battle music.  If that is an issue, it is unfortunately one of code and I have no way of fixing it at this time :/

  • Two things.  
    • One, I am working on finding a new artist as the one who did the previous work left. So I will have to change everything on that front. 
    • Secondly, I had my artist work in that style because it allows for emotion and detail. In the Pokemon anime, you have normal face, happy, and anime-extremes for emotions.  Their arms are more square and there isn't much legitimate detail in it.   With this type of art I am allowed much more freedom with emotions and also it looks much nicer.

  • It could be said the way they are positioned normally is odd Wink  With the new battle screens, it re-situates the Pokemon on purpose. They look fine, I just may need to edit certain sprites like Gastly from flying too high, or re-doing the hp UI. This is just something that will come polished in time Smile

Thanks!! Smile  There is one small thing to note, though. My game is based on the original hoax advertisements for a "Pokemon Sepia and Monochrome"  It circulated as an actual advert and then people realized it was just wishful thinking.

So some things in the advert I will not be doing, like the sketching portion or only 100 pokemon or single type thing.  There are some differences.  

Again, if you read the FAQ you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions ^_^

Thanks again!!

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