Alpha "Connecting Doors" is live!

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Alpha "Connecting Doors" is live! Empty Alpha "Connecting Doors" is live!

Post by TBC on Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:13 pm

Hello All!!
Wondering what is the most recent version of Gen 0?  You can check here!  I will try to update this thread as much as possible. While I may update this slower than I should sometimes, the link included in here will always be up-to-date!

The download page can be found here.

Alpha "Connecting Doors" is live! Intro33
v0.0.6.16b has the Pokecenter teleportation issue fixed, so now you will go to the right building when entering. Plus, I’ve fixed an issue where if you black/white out before making it to a Pokecenter, you would end up in an off spot. Plus some other minor changes.

v0.0.6.16a Includes all of the updated Viridian City interiors. This includes the new Viridian City Pokecenter! Pewter City has a few empty houses to explore for now as well. This update is a hot-fix for the last update, where I had uploaded the wrong version of the game lol…   But yeah! The update number shows correctly in-game and things are moving forward!


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