Some bugs I found while playing

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Some bugs I found while playing Empty Some bugs I found while playing

Post by devinsp on Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:24 pm

I'm sure you've probably heard of some of these already, but after playing for a little bit, here are some bugs I found (and some things I liked) from the Agatha story demo:

Floating- Agatha never actually touches the ground
Love shadows
No pokedex in menu until after sam even though you get it before
Love battle scene
Rattata legs appear after it is defeated under ghastly health bar; so do meowth
Where’d pokeball come from? It wasn’t in bag earlier (unless sam gave it to me and i didn't realize)
Map says celadon not viridian
Love the random diglett
Hard to see what you’re hitting when battling
Pidgey got 11 exp, tini got a boosted 10? Pidgey went first, switched with tini who beat it
Music louder closer to sam’s house
Walk on viridian sign
Love smoke from houses
Pokemon center trash can: "description goes here"
Viridian city above poke center is missing square sections of trees, and far right of viridian city
Gym trainer pidgey hiding behind health bar (after defeated) which moves when pokemon switch
What up with the window in the gym?
House on mountain: roof glitches some when walked under
Love the card game
**!!!!!!**Blackout after beating rocket grunt! Exists even after saving game and getting back on! I'll have to start a new one again.
Never found that dumb full heal


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Some bugs I found while playing Empty Re: Some bugs I found while playing

Post by TBC on Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:35 pm

This topic has been moved to the "Alpha Bug Reports" Section.

Thank you for the bugs/feedback Smile  Please make a separate post with feedback and stuff and have just the bug reports here.   

I will still respond to any feedback here if you don't make an additional thread, though Smile  Just once I assess and fix the bugs I will let you know.

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Some bugs I found while playing Disgaea___laharl_signature_ii_by_kirareflex-d375qdu

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