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Post by Blockmonkey415 on Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:25 pm

1. In Pallet Town where the music changes from loud to soft, the ground moves over my head.
2. In Oak’s house if you walk straight all the way into the wall across the entrance you are teleported back into the room on the rug between the two statues
3. When I battled Sam during the day it has a night background
4. When the battle with Sam ends there is no music you have to go to route 1 then back to fix it
5. To read the sign in Viridian City you have to step on it then press C
6. The furniture in the houses in Viridian City say “Description goes here.”
7. If you walk down from the house in Viridian City you can see a big black square on the edge of the screen
8. When I defeat pokemon after route 1 (wild and trainer’s) they show up around my health bar area
9. In the pokemon center in front of the pc if you walk to the right in front of the flowers on the desk you can walk on the desk on that spot


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