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Post by Drazex on Thu May 01, 2014 4:17 pm

Most of the bugs I noticed have already been discussed in previous posts, but I did have a few bugs that others didn't experience/missed.

--When healing pokemon at the poke center, the 6 balls were offset by "one ball", such that the top 4 were on the lower 4 slots, and the bottom two were hanging off the bottom.
--I lost the battle against the jr/sr double battle (more on that in "suggestions"), but after blacking out, it displayed the win dialogue while I was back in Pallet town.
--The jr/sr fight had a night background, despite being fought during the day

And although I saw these elsewhere, I'll mention them too, for completeness.
--After reading the jynx book, the room remained darkened
--When defeating rattatas especially, they show up under Gastly's stat area
--After rival battle, music cuts out (most likely no command to resume regular music after the interrupt sequence finishes)
--Viridian signpost has no collision, effectively a background element

(I thought the catch rate might be buggy, as I caught 4 pokemon (at full health) in 5 pokeballs, but when I increased my sample size, the odds began to approach to the expected 33%. Apparently, luck was just with me initially)

Hope this helps  Cool 

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