Elusive Ghastly stats

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Elusive Ghastly stats

Post by Rosselton on Fri May 02, 2014 4:05 pm

Played through the game a bit and I found some problems from the game.

1. double Agatha shadow (yugioh style). Essentially after dropping off the recipe to the neighbor and then had the darkened screen problem from reading the book, I got two shadows of agatha on both sides while walking around pallet town outside at night.

2. Double Mrs. Oak: It occured before getting ghastly from Sam, I talked to both of his parent's then read all the books in their bedroom. When I returned to the main room there another Mrs. Oak was by the bookcase but you can't talk to her.

3. Slow down: every time a metapod or butterfree appeared on the battle screen there is a much longer wait time for the sprite to appear (both trainer and wild side it occurs)

4. Game crashes everytime I try to look up ghastly's summary it gives my script taking too long and crashes (thankfully the game saves before fully closing).

5. Minor issues with the clipping overhead buildings, and being able to walk through squares that you probably shouldn't be able to step on.

There are more bugs that occured but most of them are already mentioned. Some of my issues might be because I am using my 4 year old notebook laptop may not handle the game well mainly number 3 and 4 but the rest shouldn't be.


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