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Post by Sefragus on Sat May 03, 2014 11:27 pm

So I've been waiting this game to be out ever since I liked the Facebook page a year or two ago. I liked the many pictures and update previews on Facebook, but over time I lost interest of the game. I understand the process was long, and I am happy that the beta for the game has been released. However, I found many features in the game bad. I don't mean to offend, these bothered me.

When the beta was announced for download, I disliked the site where it is uploaded to. Having to make an account to download one thing from the site I've never heard about seems unnecessary. I recommend uploading the beta and future updates into multiple sites, since different individuals may prefer different sites for downloads.
After having a friend download it for me, I found troubles installing the game as two security programs found it to be suspicious and didn't permit the installation. Running the installer as an administrator fixed this said problem. This isn't a major problem, but finding a fix on this may be listed for future updates.
As the game started up, the music was loud and drowned anything else running in the background of my computer, music, Skype, etc. Having to lower the volume through the volume mixer may be a nuisance for some. Having a music volume and or sound volume in general in the options menu is appreciated.
This was found to be a "cool" feature in the game by a good majority, however the other majority may not like this feature you have introduced into the game. The pop up art during dialogue should be an option that can be turned on or off. I find the art for the game bad, and I prefer the artist who drew Oak's dad whose dialogue talked about the pop-up art during conversations with important characters. Either make an option to turn it on and off, or change up the art. Telling your artist this may be hard and hearing this isn't something an artist may not want to hear, but I recommend for you to do something about this.
Again, this is something that can't be easily fixed, but I find the music used into the music to be a disaster. The soundtrack used in game don't blend properly with each other. Describing the problem isn't easy, however it's like listening to a violin then suddenly switching to a guitar and then into a electric piano. Either make the transition in between soundtracks smoother or replace future soundtracks to fit together.
The stairs that I have encountered while climbing the mountain outside of Pallet Town was a nuisance. A 1x3 stairs where it can only be entered right in the middle can be confusing, and if in a hurry, trying to quickly spring down these specific steps may found bothersome. I suggest making the sides walk-able.
But what bothered me the most are the controls. Some people may or may not enjoy the directional arrows as movements, but I prefer the WASD buttons as mine. Having to use two hands to play a simple game is bothersome. I suggest making WASD button as movement, the E buttong the Space button, and Q as inventory. Or you can make an option to choose between the current controls or the WASD controls and or have a customizable controls.

I don't mean to be mean by pointing out such minor issues, but it may be found problematic for some to play the game due to these small reasons. But I see that you, creators of this game, have come a long way. I appreciate your hard-work on creating this prequel to Red and Blue, I'll be waiting for your future release of Gen 0. Sorry for the long post, keep up the good work.

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