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Post by plaustrum20 on Sat May 17, 2014 12:12 am

I figured that it wouldn't help having multiple posts for bugs, so I'm going to try to list mine in a single post. I have seen only one other post; apologies if these bugs were already addressed.

Cornfella: Once you read the incredibly awkward "Cornfella" section (in the left room of the bottom left house in Pallet Town), the scene dims, and the story ends, the scene does not return to normal until you leave the room.

The Oak house window: Once you enter the Oak house, and you move straight forward, the scene dims and you return to the Oak house entrance. This happens whenever you approach the window.

The text runs off the screen often, but I'm sure you've heard of that.

Mrs. Oak at the Door: Once reading the Gastly piece and getting the lecture from Mrs. Oak, she stands by the door. I think this is intended, but you can't interact with Mrs. Oak while she stands at the door.

The Black Band in Agatha's Room: I don't how how or when it gets there, but when I returned a few minutes in, there was a black band just underneath Agatha's bed.

Veridian City Sign: You have to stand on top of the Viridian City sign to read it.

Return to Pallet Town: there is a dramatic difference in music volume between lower Pallet Town and upper Pallet Town, at least when I returned to it.

With all the bugs, I could play this game for hours. It has just enough Pokemon in it to get me interested in Pokemon again, with just enough comedy to keep me entertained for a very long time. Keep up the good work; I commented on it on ProtoMario some weeks ago.


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