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I love it so much Empty I love it so much

Post by DRAGONAIR on Sat May 31, 2014 3:09 am

Hello everybody! Yesterday, after i finally found out how to download the game and played it through for a bit, i singed up to share my first idea of the hiker with the digletts, without introducing myself to the community. I couldnt contain my exitement Razz.

So i am DRAGONIAR (guess what my favourite pokemon is) and im a really big fan of pokemon and scince yesterday an even bigger fan of gen0 Very Happy. Im not english so mu grammar might lack a little.

(You could skip the next part im just telling my journey through the game and phraising the work put into it)
As i have now pretty much played through the game, I can tell you im loved it. Using the word love like that feels weird for a guy like me but i guess this is the sole thing that can get me exited that much Very Happy. I really love all the hidden jokes you can discover, like a plant saying 'day 26, they still think im a plant'. It's been a real hunt to find all of those small thing you guys put in there. Also the bugs make me realize what you already made and the work you put into it. Also the route 2 freaked me out. A lvl27 caterpie?!?! So dam lucky i could beat the gym with it. That kangashan caught me off guard Razz. Also im soo happy with the dratini i got. It's a pitty that its not gonna evolve soon into my beloved dragonair. Its so cool that i keep thinking ive seen it all and then i find another new cool thing, like *spoiler alert* the secret path into viridian forrest (man what a maze) and the city being built behind it. When i ran even further i noticed an exact coppy of dem fire red game in gen 4 style (including nugget bridge, soo awesome to see that there, i hope you keep it in the game) and the npc standing there 'for fun'.

Besides that one post yesterday, i got a few more ideas, so i will also post something in the suggestions forum then.

Im totally into it and i would love (there, i said it again) to be part of this project. I dont have any experience with making a game, but ive made a html website in css style once and i sortta recognize the codes you use and of course my passion for pokemon counts right? Im gonna check out what it takes to join, i think i saw it on your website somewhere.

So yeh, i really like it and for as far as i understood i should really thank thyreon for the scripts i like so much. Bye for now Very Happy


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I love it so much Empty Re: I love it so much

Post by TBC on Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:11 am

Hey there! Awesome Very Happy It was appreciated Smile And that's fine :p As you can see, the community has still yet to pick up off the ground.... Hahahaha.

Don't worry about it! You use better English than most native speakers I know, haha! Dragonair is also one of my favorite Pokemon Very Happy

LOL. Never say it's weird to feel something or be happy about something. Real men can be honest with their emotions and are secure with who they are. I'm happy you enjoy the game!! Very Happy

Oooooh! I think you're the first person to find that plant!! Very Happy That's awesome Smile I'm glad you liked the little things ^_^ Those are the things I really enjoyed in games when I play them.

Hahahaha yeah :p I had Route 2 powered up because it was the end of the demo. So just for fun I made some harder guys in it :p Lol. Nice :p The gym won't be so easy this next demo, though Very Happy I'm gonna be balancing Route 2 for normal levels and stuff and Dratini(unfortunately) will not be available.

Oh my, you do explore! Yes, it was not intended to have a way into Viridian Forest. But some people found it :p And lol yeah those other maps are for later. I'll be keeping those locations in, but not in the way that you saw them.

Those are what I call "base maps". Essentially, each map I work on I take the base map for it(how it is in HG/SS) and then I work my own spin on it. You've seen those areas with the current demo.

Okay! I'd love(I don't care about using the word :p ) to hear any more suggestions you may have! Very Happy Just get in contact with me ^_^ We can discuss that stuff in more detail on a personal level. I can't guarantee anything, but I'm open to the idea Smile

Yeah, Thyreon is an awesome writer Very Happy
I hope you're still around! lol. Hope to see you around the forums more! Very Happy

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