Hey There Everybody!

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Hey There Everybody!

Post by PeterKPC on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:29 pm

Good Mornooning (I wonder how many people will get that reference) everyone I'm PeterKPC, I am a nice guy but I always like to play as the bad guy (whenever I can mind you) In video games, I always wanted to play as a Team Plasma member (From Black and White not Black 2 and White 2) maybe someday that will happen. I do not do a whole lot but I sometimes disappear for a few months or years, sorry, I have one dog and two cats, and not much going on in life. So as I end this introduction, I wish all a good day/noon/night

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Re: Hey There Everybody!

Post by TBC on Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:15 am

Heya! Is that from the Truman Show? Otherwise, I didn't get the reference :/

I'm the same way, well minus the years stuff :p But at least with the forum, I've been kinda gone for a few months lol. But things are slowly moving in the right direction ^_^

For games I kinda go whatever I'm feeling at the time. Sometimes I'm the all-around good guy, or I'm the sleezy good guy who will help you with your quest, get the reward and rob you without you knowing, or I'm just evil :p

Welcome to the forums!

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