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Post by evan.martinsek on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:18 am

Good evening, I hope everyone that reads this is feeling exceptionally well today. I would like to begin by thanking you for this Gen 0 demo: it is an interesting take on a classic game. While the real series keeps going into the future, I like this refreshing peak into the past.

I do have a few suggestions for your group while you build a better game. I am not a video game developer, just a Pokemon fan who would like to play the complete version.

1. I don't think 35 years is quite long enough to look back. Assuming Agatha and Sam are 10-year-olds setting out on their Pokemon journey, that would mean they're 45 when Red becomes champion. I don't know what you think, but I think that means Agatha and Oak have aged horribly and Oak's daughter got pregnant as a teen for Blue and his older sister Daisy to be the age they are in Gen I. This is an easy fix though: You just change it to "50" and everything you're looking for works. It means Oak and Agatha are 60 and just about ready to retire (as she does by Gen II) and it means Kanto is 50 years under-developed. Think about how much some cities in America have changed in 50 years. Maybe Celadon hasn't developed yet, and its still all farms? Maybe a place like Cerulean has more people before Saffron grew so big? That's the kind of story that allows you to remap towns and cities like you want to.

2. Speaking of... right when starting, you notice the completely different town layouts. Don't get me wrong, they look good. I like how there's more ground to cover, more houses to see. I am not a fan of completely changing topography. Call me crazy, but i don't think rivers and mountains suddenly disappear 35 (or 50) years later. I am all for a revamp, but the demo is a little much.

3. Sticking with the mapping and layout, there is a ton of crap lying on the ground everywhere. There's flowers, there's rocks, trees, Digletts, and something that just looks like tombstones sticking out of the path. The game could use that toned down, and I imagine with less stuff to draw in, the development of the game quickens. Sounds like a win-win.

4. I noticed the Pidgeottos and Butterfrees available early on. I really like that, reminds me of Yellow. Maybe you could do a rustling grass idea, like in Gen V, so as to keep those evolved Pokemon around in the full game? I also liked how the EXP gained reflected the difference in level between the two Pokemon. Another good trait from Gen V you've accepted.

5. I am going to make the case that TMs should be for unlimited use, not for one-time-use only as you have stated to want. A) You already know how to teach a Pokemon a new move, why would you suddenly be unable to repeat this? B) You don't have to keep going back to the store to buy Flash or Fire Blast every time you need a new Pokemon to have it. C) I'm playing a video game where you don't have to think. Let's not make this anymore difficult than it has to be. D) I'd really rather not have to think about who I teach Dig to after only the second badge. I wanna teach my Nidoran right now, maybe a Growlithe later. That should be fine.

6. I love the language. Definitely not kid appropriate and that's what I want. But if we're upgrading the dialogue for adults, can we put in some more adult content? I don't really want naked pictures of Agatha, but some decent innuendos would be nice.

7. While on the subject of upgrades, let's upgrade the music. Ever heard the metal remix of the HGSS champion theme? Or Baron Mobius's Team Rocket Remix? Or even an orchestral remix of any surfing theme! Possibilities, bro.

8. I'm a student writer, and I noticed a lot of errors and typos. Some of the dialogue could be upgraded too. I recommend someone go thru and edit all the content. If you don't have someone for that already, I am available to help. In fact it would really be a privilege for me to do something like that for you (not to mention great on a resume).

That's all I can think of right now. The game is very promising and I really want to play it through right now. I'll have to sit back and be patient though. Thanks so much, I hope my opinions help at least a little. Have a great night!


P.S. - I wrote about some bugs I encountered and forgot a couple of them. I noticed the farthest grass in Route 2 has no Pokemon to be encountered, as well as a flower sticking out of the grass. I also noticed that while you battle an Igglybuff and can trade one for a Bellsprout (Btw, really? You want to give us a Bellsprout as the first Pokemon to trade for? Least give us something cooler, even an Oddish would be better.) you cannot locate Igglybuff in the Pokedex to find out where they're from. An NPC suggests they're around somewhere, but I didn't find any walking through the grass.

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Post by TBC on Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:52 pm

I've been gone from the forums too long >.< lol. Anyway, thank you for your suggestions! I will make a full response soon.

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