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Hey there fellas Empty Hey there fellas

Post by Blazingblast on Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi there, im Blazingblast, or simply just Blaze on here interwebs x)
Ive been playing pokemon since i was 6 (20 now XD )
all the way from red/blue/yellow up to black/white  (due to some problem with my pc i cant emulate b2/w2, X/Y :S )  and also the spinoffs like stadium 1/2, mystery dungeopn 1/2

im also playing some rom hacks atm so i have kinda seen it all .... untill now!
way to get out of the box, but i understand it must be just as hard too

one question tho, is the storyline taken from some pokemon manga or its all pure original idea?

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Hey there fellas Empty Re: Hey there fellas

Post by TBC on Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:57 am

Hey Blaze! Welcome to the forums!

Nice! I've also played from R/B and started around the same age as you, but I played when they were brand new :p I'm 24 now lol. It's awesome to see some adults playing Pokemon :3 Go old people! lol.

Cool! Thanks! Smile Well, that's an involved question lol. The original base for the story came from a hoax advertisement for "Pokemon Sepia and Monochrome" a few years back. The foundations are the same, play as Sam and Agatha through Kanto the first time. But, that's about where the similarities end.

I took that and decided to go my own direction with it. The overall storyline, explaining Sam and Agatha's past while showing how they became close and what drove them apart by R/B, is my idea. I take different parts of Canon where applicable and add it in.

For instance, the leader of Team Rocket is going to be Madame Boss, as shown in the CD Drama of Pokemon. So it's a mix of original stuff and established history that's woven into a game that is still new and fresh but also covering the story of the Pokemon games Very Happy And yeah, I take from anime game and manga canon. Kinda like Yellow did.

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