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Post by mattihase on Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:11 pm

I've played a bit of Gen 0 and here are the bugs i've had so far, i'm sure they've already been reported but i'm just making sure. (current version: Alpha 0.5.3, windows XP SP3)
bugs found by Mattihase Dm7PUMK
when i step onto this tile it sends me back to the front door tiles (inside) of oak manor
bugs found by Mattihase 5Aayb6G
Agatha sometimes lapses into grey text, while other times her text is red which, i understand, is what it's supposed to be (text for demo 0.5.1)
additionally Sam refers to Agatha as Agatha even if she has been renamed (or is that a feature)
also the map in Agatha's room shows sinnoh. not sure if it's a thing with the tilesets or you just decided to use a sinnoh map.

edit1: and text keeps on getting cut off in books, such as the metapod one.
edit2: another claire oak popped up after i went in the left wing of oak manor:
bugs found by Mattihase NqjndiZ
edit3: after reading the "jynx book" in pallet town the screen stayed dark:
bugs found by Mattihase VB0hIFy
edit4: forgot to mention that opening the summary on ghastly caused the game to save and quit
edit5: the go left button on the pokedex entry for rattata does not work.
edit6: scrolling the pokedex too fast causes the game to save and quit


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