Comprehensive Bug List

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Comprehensive Bug List

Post by RhetoricalRabbit on Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:50 am

Rather than fall into the "So-and-so's bug list" trope, I thought that it might be more convenient to bring together the outstanding bugs.

I've ignored bugs that have been addressed / responded to, and ones that have been fixed.

This shall just be a list of bugs that have been discovered by myself and / or reported on the forums and copied into here. As such, they may be fixed / addressed / non-existent.

I'll try to flesh out any lacking details where I can.

  • The map in Agatha's room shows Sinnoh.
  • Word-wrap in books needs addressing.
  • Opening Gastly's summary causes the game to save and quit.
  • Using the left button on the Pokedex entry for Ratata does not work.
  • Scrolling through the pokedex too fast causes the game to save and quit.
  • Agatha is addressed as Agatha by Sam, even if the character is renamed.
  • Your head shows when walking through the shop tent.
  • Agatha at times speaks with grey text - such as when first speaking to Sam.
  • In Claire's house you can leave through the northern wall. I ran from the door to the wall and was able to "re-enter" the house. I could do this as much as I wanted to, but after I explored the house the wormhole disappeared.

    Image sourced from mattihase
  • TMs have unlimited use.
  • You cannot read all of the mailboxes.
  • The house directly north of the entrance to Route 2 is missing all of its hitboxes, and you can use that fact to enter it. It leads to a dark area with an NPC named Craig, who lights up the area.
  • When you go into the tall grass without a pokemon you are prompted twice with the message about the tall grass when you're playing as Samuel. Untested for Agatha.
  • Sometimes, when you're walking over flowers (while moving down), their tile glitches over you while the character is moving to the next tile. This also applies to trees, and possibly over textures.
  • The word remake is misspelled in the second text the old Agatha icon displays and there is a space missing after the comma aswell. The real bug is that when she says her last text she disappears and you can even talk to her "ghost".
  • Some of the texts in the game have empty lines that appear when you press enter to close the dialogue, forcing you to press enter again to close it. It gets really annoying since you can't make the text go faster.
  • It's not really a bug, but when you use Hypnosis it should say your foe fell asleep and not went to sleep, just like the original games.
  • When your character enters a door the sprite is on top of the building rather than underlaid beneath the doorway.
  • The stairs leading up to Oak's house look like you could walk up all 3 tiles rather than the middle which is what it's restricted to.
  • After reading The Lusty Jynx Maid the room stays dimmed. Exiting the room fixes this.
  • After completing this mission for the old woman shopkeeper, I was transported back to Viridian City to a completely black screen. I've tried going into each of the menu options and restarting the game to see if that would fix this issue, but no luck.
  • In Pallet Town where the music changes from loud to soft, the ground moves over my head.
  • Battling Sam during the day has a night background
  • When the battle with Sam ends there is no music you have to go to route 1 then back to fix it.
  • To read the sign in Viridian City you have to step on it then press C
  • The furniture in the houses in Viridian City say “Description goes here.”
  • If you walk down from the house in Viridian City you can see a big black square on the edge of the screen
  • Defeated pokemon after route 1 (wild and trainer’s) show up beneath the health bar.
  • In the pokemon center in front of the pc if you walk to the right in front of the flowers on the desk you can walk on the desk on that spot
  • When healing pokemon at the poke center, the 6 balls were offset by "one ball", such that the top 4 were on the lower 4 slots, and the bottom two were hanging off the bottom
  • After losing the battle against the jr/sr double battle and blacking out it displayed the win dialogue back in Pallet Town.
  • The jr/sr fight had a night background, despite being fought during the day
  • Essentially after dropping off the recipe to the neighbor and then had the darkened screen problem from reading the book, I got two shadows of agatha on both sides while walking around pallet town outside at night.
  • Slow down: every time a metapod or butterfree appeared on the battle screen there is a much longer wait time for the sprite to appear (both trainer and wild side it occurs)
  • Before getting Gastly from Sam, I talked to both of his parent's then read all the books in their bedroom. When I returned to the main room there another Mrs. Oak by the bookcase. Exiting the house causes her to disappear.
  • There is a dramatic difference in music volume between lower Pallet Town and upper Pallet Town, at least when I returned to it.


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Re: Comprehensive Bug List

Post by KvaGram on Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:22 am

I bet at lest two thirds of this list is outdated.
Good job compiling them all anyways.

You say you copy/pasted parts of the list from others on the forum?
Could you split up the list to reflect that, separating what might be old (possibly fixed) bugs from what you found?

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