Hydro's Pokemon Store!

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Hydro's Pokemon Store!

Post by Hydro on Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:35 am

Well... Nobody has done this here yet... So I thought I'd be the first!
Right now every pokemon from before platinum is up for trade...
I can Gen pokemon for the people that want that... (Not sure what this forums rules are on that...)

I have completely legal pokemon from all regions, and do have a shiny badge from completing the pokedex in X and Y, but don't have as much patience as I used to when it comes to breeding... So Kalos Born pokemon are currently a no-sale...

I hope to become an active member in this community, and I thought this would be one of the best ways to tie me down here...

So... My list of pokemon for sale:

Perfect IV bred pokemon:
All non-legendary pokemon from Gens 1-4

Legendary pokemon with perfect IVs:
All trio legendaries from gens 1-4

To reiterate, none are kalos born, shinies are an option. I am making these sales because I can clone in Gen 4 with ease. If people have a problem with cloning, I can send them/breed originals for them if they wish, but the price is higher for that...

Right now I'm looking for Kalos-Born pokemon. Mainly the legendary Bird Trio... As you can tell, I have many pokemon up to trade for that. I can give shinies from most gens, and 5IV pokemon too, so I am willing to pay up a lot for this...

I can trade any Level pokemon, by the way, with any hidden power as well. I have a box full of dittos(every language but german, all lv 100, a couple of them shiny...)

My Timezone is UTC+7, and I am a high-school student with a pretty high workload, so go easy on the time demands. That being said, even with breeding requests, I should be able to respond with the trade in 48 hours, and will definitely respond in a week.

Well, this being an extremely long post, I think I need to say something here... Well... The Shop's now officially open!

EDIT: HEY GUYS! I'm now also doing a special on SQUIRTLES! So check out My Site if you want more info on that!

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Re: Hydro's Pokemon Store!

Post by TBC on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:56 am

Coolio!  If I had current games I'd totally trade with ya and stuff. Damn, I need to get a freaking 3DS lol.

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