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Hello you Pokemon trainers Empty Hello you Pokemon trainers

Post by Draxuz on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:07 pm

Pokemon master here. I'll use 
as my credentials. And I have 719 on there, now.

I'm a big time Pokemon gamer, I've got all the RPG versions except for the Mystery Dungeon games. My goal is to have one of each copy completed with all catchable Pokemon on each, and have an empty game of each to do random play throughs when I feel up to it.

I also program things on graphing calculators when I'm motivated, and have a Pokemon game for the 84+ graphing calculators on the back burner. If I get back to that, I'll make a topic.

Otherwise, hello!


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Hello you Pokemon trainers Empty Re: Hello you Pokemon trainers

Post by TBC on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:13 pm

Welcome to the forums, Draxuz!

That's a lofty goal o.o   And good job on the Pokedex! At some point I'd like a game with a maxxed Dex. I'll probably wait til they stop making new Pokemon to do it.  So, like never :p

Coolio! I'd like to see it sometime, so get back to it! :p Well I hope to see you around more Very Happy  Welcome aboard!

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