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Pewter City Pokecenter

Post by TBC on Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:06 pm


Pokecenter time Very Happy  So included below are the links to the indoor tileset I use and the picture of the Pokecenter as a whole on the inside.  Most of the Pokecenter tiles are at the bottom of the tileset thingy so you can find them there. However, plants and other things are at other spots.

Later I will give you the graphics for the people so you can make the charred remains and stuff. Instead of drawing it into the map, I'd rather be able to place them individually.

Anywho. If you want to re-draw the pokecenter and make the full picture first and then cut up the tiles, that's fine. However, I want the icons for everything displayed on the tileset like it is now. You'll see the red X's around the tileset as well. Those are perfect 32x32 squares which encompasses one tile. That will give you an idea for sizing and stuff.

Below is a template with alternating colors for easy visibility on how the squares are separated. You can just paste over the icons into this one and delete the background space
If you have any questions, lemme know Smile

s.tash links for the pictures.
Pokecenter Inside
Interior Tileset
Template Tileset

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