0.6.0 - Pop Up Window Analysis

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0.6.0 - Pop Up Window Analysis

Post by Drazex on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:32 am

On the download page, it notes the window that pops up during play, but I wanted to note my particular experience with it:

There are three messages I received:

Window 1: Rug Topography
--The first is "Checking James Rug's_Topography Track_Prints is not completed". This appears at the map screen (before cutting to Agatha's house), and also when leaving Agatha's house. When you click OK, it says "It is completed, or does not exist."
--This first error message disappears after clicking OK to both messages exactly 19 times (38 clicks total) when leaving Agatha's house. It takes exactly 4 cycles when entering Palette Town from any other house (8 clicks).
--This first message spontaneously occurs in Palette Town, too. It takes 8 cycles to close (16 clicks).
--If you open and close the menu, the first message occurs, and takes 4 cycles (8 clicks) to close.
--In north Palette town and above, it becomes worse than Flananigans (#2). The stream of errors is constant, but seem to be in clusters of 8 (8 cycles before you can take a step, then a new set of 8 cycles).

Window 2: Flananigans
--The second message occurs constantly while in Agatha's house, but disappears when you leave her house. It freezes the game with the message, "Checking if Flananigans does not exist", followed by "It does not" when you hit OK.
--This second message pairs continues INDEFINITELY. I counted 700 instances, and that was after I bothered to start counting, and before I bothered to stop counting.
--The game is totally frozen while the messages are displayed, but you can move your character/advance the dialogue in the split second between the last message disappearing and the next cycle starting. (This is how I got out of the house).
--The Flananigans message STOPS when you leave Agatha's house, so it's some script in the house causing it.

Window 3: Battle Weather
--"record: 0 as weather at start of battle"
--Closes immediately

Currently, these are prohibitively hard on my playing. I made it as far as the first trainer, and will attempt to test variables on my end to see if my computer is causing any of the problems itself.

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Re: 0.6.0 - Pop Up Window Analysis

Post by KvaGram on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:35 pm

Heh, funny.
Yeah, sorry about those.
If you haven't already, re-download the demo.
@TBC did a panicked partial fix the moment it got discovered.
I later fixed the bug entirely (not sure if my fic has been applied yet, only TBC knows)

I should have tested release version on Testopia once I implemented that console script I found on the internet. I knew the console would not be generated when running in release mode, but what I did not expect, was that all the console printouts would translate to window pop-ups due to the console not being present.

I patched the bug first thing when I woke up today, by making sure the console-printout would not translate to pop-ups, but rather do nothing.

Now, just for fun, I'm gonna explain the messages you get.
Mind you, those were supposed to show up in a disabled console window, and thus not annoying.

Window 1: Rug Topography
These messages are from a recent feature I added, testing events based on the status of a quest.
Rug Topography, better known as the "drunk guy quest" has, as you know if you have played the previous alpha, several footprints that would become visible when the quest begins.

Thus my feature make sure each footprint is hidden if the quest is either completed, or has not yet been started.

Window 2: Flananigans
Again, same deal here, but here an other problem also occures.
Although this quest has fewer quest-related events, the map has some events causing repeated refreshing after the map is loaded, looping the whole pop-up nightmare, over again for each new refresh.

Window 3: Battle Weather
This is for a project I am working on, one where I need to record details from battles. The weather and the trainer defeat-speech are currently the only debug-information remaining, as this project is put on ice while I work on more important features.

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Re: 0.6.0 - Pop Up Window Analysis

Post by TBC on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:36 pm

Thanks for the report, Drazex! As Kvagram said, re-download the demo and it should work for you. There will be isolated incidents with them. But not nearly as many as there are now. I'll be making a new update later today with the complete fix.

Bug fixed, locking thread.

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Re: 0.6.0 - Pop Up Window Analysis

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