Steven's bugs... and greedy wants... and quest ideas.

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Steven's bugs... and greedy wants... and quest ideas.

Post by steven.schoeniger on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:13 pm

1. Ghastly doesn't appear when "Q" is clicked. The pokeball animation appears when I throw it out and call it back but no ghastly appears.

2. :Shadow Issues: Multiple shadows (up to 3) appear inside Agatha's house when walking past the multiple light sources in the dining area. Multiple shadows in front of the windows at the pokemon Academy (2). Multiple shadows inside the pokemon Academy when entering until you pass the first boy (2).

3. Lost first battle with Sam. He dissipated but his Nidoran sprite is still on screen. I also didn't appear in the Pokecenter. Respawned with full health where the battle was initiated.

4. Unsolid tree in Viridian Forest. And another.

5. Isidore apparently doesn't think I've caught any pokemon and I currently own a hoothoot.

6. My meowth did not receive the bonus 150 experience for the quest reward.

7. The girl between your house and Natasha's house loses the top of her hair on her sprite while walking in the most northern tiles of her movement area.

8. Helpful abra animation appears when "checking" the small tree to the west of Sam's house.

9. Jr. and Sr. outside of the academy freeze the game if you battle them coming in from the left. (where the one trainer is suppose to move to).

10. fake out didn't cause caterpie to flinch.

Greedy Wants.

1. A happiness level. Not some dumb ass that says "oh your pokemon really likes you and shit". No, just some meter that tells me.

2. A dummy that you can battle with an infinite amount of times. It always has the same stats. Used to check what moves are the strongest on your pokemon with things like STAB, or a happiness related move, ect.

Quest Ideas

1. Mad scientist traps you in a pokeball. You have to escape. To tired to write more.

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