Michael Bug report Alpha

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Michael Bug report Alpha

Post by michael.gamoras on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:18 pm

Hi im new to this group. I have done work on bugs for MMO rpg games. I hope that I can assist and do this again.

So this is the computer build that I have as of now.

AMD Six-core unlocked GPU
300GB Hard drive
4 GB memory
SLI - GTX 550 TI Xrl-8 Edition
4-6GB video memory
Windows 7 (Home Version)

So this is a RPG Pokemon Dev kit and the current title is Gen 0

This format of platform is RPG maker xp and has a 2D video platform with 8 to 16 bit

-------------Gen 0 ----------Alpha Version 0.6------------------

Title sceen - found no bugs and has looping sounds of direct sound. Its very loud.
                 not found on the game but is known with RPG maker versions.(Alt-Enter for full screen.)

Options screen - found no bugs

How to play screen - found no bugs. Overlapping fonts. No spaces used.

Books - how to write a book is missing letters and is not spaced right. This is when you read the
          book. Full screen (Alt-Enter) does not correct the spaces.

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