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Impressions and feedback on demo Empty Impressions and feedback on demo

Post by Xovvo on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:20 am

I'ven't finished the demo yet, but so far:

Gosh this is a really nice soundtrack. Except for the battle music, which is both ear-bleedingly piercing and way, way to loud--especially in a game with no audio options.

Hells yeah starting Gastly!

I like how fast the battles move.

Oh. Pokémon...fetch-quests? Alright. guess I better catch 5 pidgeys.

Collision is a bit weird. Some of it is just bring able to walk through things (like indoor lampposts) I can't help but feel I shouldn't, to just walking through the lower half of someone's house in either route 1 or 22. some of this may be related to the lag I experience outdoors.

speaking of indoor lamposts, it's weird as hell that I can cast a shadow in front of the lamppost in the 1st floor of the battle academy by standing behind it.

So, the battle with Sam at the entrance of Viridian forest was a bit...weird. I was still in the grass at a weird position relative to where Sam's Nidoran was--and I say that intentionally, since Sam himself was invisible. He was briefly visible after I lost, which lasted until I scrolled him off screen, and I was somehow able to enter Viridian forest by walking through him while he was invisible directly after the fight. I had not yet beaten Viridian's gym, and didn't know that Sam was supposed to stop me from entering the forest until I did so until *after* I entered the forest, left it, and then tried to re-enter.

While I was in Viridian Forest--I encountered level 14-19 caterpie and kakuna and a level 36 pikachu.

Hoot-Hoot uses foresight even after Foresight is used successfully. Caterpie enjoys tackling Gastly--even if it knows bug bite. I get the feeling the AI is a bit off.

I notice that the battle-end music reverts to the battle music if you catch the pokémon, which means you have to listen to it while you view it's 'dex entry and nickname it.

Isidore is under the impression that I have caught 0 pokémon. Despite having caught 3.

Definitely enjoying seeing the beginnings of racial and gender diversity in the NPCs

And I saved and quit before going through the gym, so that's all for now.

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