Pewter City crash, minor catching bug

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Pewter City crash, minor catching bug Empty Pewter City crash, minor catching bug

Post by Leopardmask on Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:06 pm

I have 2 things to report - at least things that I didn't know would happen. Some may have been fixed by one of the recent hotfixes, I am a couple behind - following Pokemon are still invisible for me, for example. Anyway, the first odd thing came when I tried to catch a Ledyba. I'd clicked away from the window and clicked back. Threw a Pokeball, it looked like it worked, but nothing popped up about naming it - my Pokemon still got experience, there was a small visual glitch, but now I'm down 2 Pokeballs and don't have a Ledyba.
The second thing happened in Pewter City. I talked to the guy with the Aerodactyl and Pidgeotto, went thru the dialogue just fine, he challenged me, and my game crashed, giving me this window:
Pewter City crash, minor catching bug Gen0_c10
Guess I should save more often. I think I have to go all the way back to giving the hungover guy his Full Heal or something.
Also, the house of the guy who asks you to catch Pidgeys isn't solid yet. Wasn't sure if you knew that.

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