The Ruins found on the Rainbow Islands

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The Ruins found on the Rainbow Islands

Post by Mega Swinub on Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:51 pm

I was trying to consider all the places that were present in Oak's time and what was present in Red/Blue. Maybe Oak or Agatha visits the ruins in their adventure. That sets up a great place for some puzzle solving; helping our protagonist explore and find their way through each puzzle might really be a good change of pace from "run errand here" and "find some key item there." It also opens up the possibility for odd pokemon to show up (like an Aerodactyl or even a Charizard, not to mention Mew!) I really like how we can just throw ideas at the wall that is a forum and see how they stick. This is my first post and probably not my last. Have any suggestions? I'd absolutely love to hear them!

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Re: The Ruins found on the Rainbow Islands

Post by TBC on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:33 am

Hey there! Welcome to the forums and thank you for your suggestion!

Wow, I'm a bit herpin-mah-derp a bit, but I'm not sure as to which ruins you are referring. Are you talking about the Tanoby ruins on the Sevii Islandds? If you have sources talking about this, I'd love to see it Smile

As long as it is it works geographically and is intriguing enough, I would be more than happy to do something including it. I'm already going to be making nods(or more Wink ) to Pokemopolis in Gen 0.

However, Mew would not be there. It's dated back that first real appearance of Mew was about 18 years before Gen 1. In the time of Gen 0, Miyamoto(Jessie from Team rocket's mother) hasn't even abandoned her to look for Mew. She leaves and then others search after she does. So Mew unfortunately won't be in the game.

But yeah, I look forward to seeing more!

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