Trapped inside House, game crashes, hitboxes...

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Trapped inside House, game crashes, hitboxes...

Post by Wofel on Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:09 pm

Well, I just started the game and I think I found some bugs:

Firstly, I got trapped twice in Pallet Town. However, I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. After starting the game, I went to the south part of Pallet Town and I spoke to a woman who said that her family was moving there soon. I entered the house and the background was completely black and I couldn´t move at all, so I couldn´t go outside.

After speaking with Sam, I went to the big house in the north where I had to find the rattatas in the cellar. I defeated 3 and I captured 1 (receiving XP, though) and after that i couldn`t go out. I couldn´t find the exit so maybe it was my fault, but I tried everything.

In Route 22, if we go to the left in Viridian city, in the second terrain if we walk to the south there is a rock with a wrong hitbox because I can walk through it and if I speak with my Pokemon there, the game crashes. At the beggining of the route, in the top right corner there should be a rock or something because I cannot walk and there is only grass.

In the Pokemon academy, if I talk to the man standing in the top right corner, the game crashes. I don't understand how Proffesor Elm's questions function, but when I choose dark type the conversation stops.

I can enter the Pokemon Center in Viridian City by standing next to the door (but not in front of it) and walking to the side (through the wall).

I think some movements (for exemple quick attack) tend to deal too much damage and the values should be fixed.

I hope this will help and I will edit if I find more.


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