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Post by Pegasusangel on Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:13 pm

Hey everyone I'm Heather, but I like my username Pegasusangel the best so I would be preferred just to be called by that.  You can call me Pegasus or Angel or whatever weird nickname you can think of like susang or whatever. lol  Anyway I heard about this game from a protomario video that was posted a year ago and it looked cool back then I can't imagine how much better it is now.  Thanks for letting me join your humble group.  I'm currently downloading the demo so I am gonna get off her so maybe the demo will download faster.  It's taking foreeeever and I can hardly stand it.  If you like to talk about Anime, working with people, pets, Pokemon, video games, etc.  i'm your girl!

Have a nice day!


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Post by Wofel on Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:53 pm

Hi, Pegasusangel!
I'm also new here. It's nice to see another noob like me Smile. I love pets and animals, too and I like videogames ofc.
I also came here because I watched that video and now I'm testing it by myself. It's pretty sweet to find some bugs and that kind of stuff in a new game! Tell me if you manage to beat Miyamoto, the first gym leader because I can't xD.
See you around! Very Happy


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excited n00b here! Empty Re: excited n00b here!

Post by TBC on Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:06 pm

Hello Peggy!!! That is the name I have now chosen for you. XD hahahaha.

Oooooh, that's awesome to see another person here from ProtoMario! I love his videos Smile Thank you very much for the compliment Smile I'm hoping he will do another video of it soon. He told me he wants to, he's just been busy.

I hope you enjoyed the demo! What do you think of it? And awesome! I love all of those things? I'm a nerdy RPG guy who likes anime and I work in customer service(and actually like my job!) Very Happy

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome Wofel! It's good to see dedicated and awesome fans like you Very Happy Miyamoto is definitely difficult, but she is certainly able to be bested! Very Happy

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excited n00b here! Empty Re: excited n00b here!

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