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Bugs/Glitches I find Empty Bugs/Glitches I find

Post by BaileyisDarcy on Sat May 30, 2015 9:02 pm

I have just gotten the Gen 0 game and so far I'm pretty impressed with it.

I'm going to use this topic as my place to report the different bugs and glitches I find. So far I have found three that I've noticed as bugs/glitches.

  1. The unfinished house, this will most likely be fixed already in the next update, but back in the town you start out at there is an unfinished house that, when you walk into, you can't get back out. Just a small trap I got sucked into.

  2. Just off route 22 there is a Metapod near the guy who wants five Pidgeys. This Metapod gives away Pidgeys, and I'm assuming it's only meant to give away one, or stop giving them away once the guy has all five Pidgeys. It doesn't do either. If I wanted, I could make an army out of Pidgeys using that Metapod.

  3. Back in the town you start off in, in one of the houses there is a guy whose basement is infested with Rattatas. It's dark, and you have a spot of light that, I'm assuming, is supposed to follow you around. It only follows you to a certain extent. As in, it will only move to a certain point and then stop, and you're left to walk in darkness. This isn't too terrible, because at least you have the bump noise to tell you, you've run into a wall, but I think it would be something to look into.

Oh and, I'm not sure if this counts as a glitch or even something to worry about, but the Diglett at the start of the game doesn't pop up for me. That could just be me though. I don't know.

So far though, I can tell I'm going to waste a lot of study time playing this game ^-^


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Bugs/Glitches I find Empty Re: Bugs/Glitches I find

Post by TBC on Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:12 am

Hi there BaileyisDarcy!!

Thank you for the reports Smile And yes, make sure to edit your original post whenever you find new bugs/glitches. As I fix them, I edit your post to cross out the ones that have been fixed.

1. Yeah. I have it on my list of things to fix when I next get some eventing done before the next update. I'll have to get it out soon so people stop getting stuck in there XD

2. Oh geeze, I'm a derp. I make random events like that to make testing easier for myself and sometimes I forget them and leave em in the game XD I'll make sure to take em out here in the update Very Happy

3. That was more of a design choice, since I didn't want the player to see everything since it is a small light. I'll have to look into it and see how I want to do it. But yeah it's supposed to not show you everything in the basement. I may make it follow you though.

4. I had taken them out for awhile due to lag. I'll put em back in and see if it doesn't wreck people's FPS lol.

Thank you very much for the report Smile Every post/bug list helps! And heehee.... I hope so! :p

Watch out in the next month or two. Content in the game is going to pretty much double for existing areas and I have some new ones popping up pretty soon Very Happy

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