Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D

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Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D Empty Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D

Post by ashbash on Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:07 pm

Hello everyone, Ashbash here!

I have recently signed up to the forums here to see more info about Gen0 and to engage more with the community behind the Generation 0 project! So far it is impressive with what's been done, going from the characters to the story in mind to the tiles set being used! And it's an excellent project, one I am excited to see become more developed and completed!

I've always bee curious about the world of Kanto in the earlier years of Sam Oak and Agatha, as she references Oak in the vanilla Red, Blue, Green, Yellow games and always wondered what their connection is with one another and how it developed over the years as they grew up to be the people we all know and love in the Official Games!

So I am curious to see where this projects story and direction is headed! And I applaud TBC and other Developers on this game for their great efforts and time given to create this project, so again this is just an introduction and what I am looking forward to seeing!

I hope to engage more into the community! Very Happy See what others are doing and possibly find things in game that others may have missed that could be worth checking out (easter eggs, secrets, surprises etc.)

I have been a fan of fan made Pokemon games for awhile and played many different Rom Hacks which really peaked my curiosity about what other Pokemon fans visions are of Pokemon games and I am even more excited for this project as its being made into a full RPG from scratch rather than relying on a Rom Hack and that this is being made with RPG Maker!

So I am looking forward to the future of this project and hope to be apart of the development process somehow with ideas and such and engage with others about their ideas and just generally supporting the project and the developers behind it!

Kind Regards

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Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D Empty Re: Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D

Post by TBC on Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:25 pm

Hello there!!!

Welcome to the Gen 0 forums Very Happy I'm glad to see you've signed up ^_^ The forums are a bit dead here sometimes, but each active poster is one step closer to a thriving community Smile And thank you! A lot of thought, time and effort has gone into the decisions on everything in the game.

Definitely! That is what spurred me to make this game. That, and the original hoax advertisement for Pokemon "Sepia and Monochrome". I saw that and got to thinking more and thought about the relationship between Sam and Agatha and the rest is history :p

Oh you should be interested ^_^ It is still very early on, so much of the uniqueness in story and in mechanics have not yet manifested. Thank you again Smile We all love the game and are excited to have other fellow awesome nerds to nerdgasm with us :p

Good! I love secrets and easter eggs, there are a lot there and far more to come! Very Happy Have you found the secret way to complete Road's Topography yet? Hehe. And yeah, I don't have anything against Romhacks... But they are a lot more constrictive in design.

I look forward to getting an active member on the forums and hope to see you around the community more! Thanks and welcome Smile

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Hello fellow Gen0 Lovers! :D Disgaea___laharl_signature_ii_by_kirareflex-d375qdu

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