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Himegami joined the party Empty Himegami joined the party

Post by Himegami on Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:53 pm

Hello everybody, I'm Himegami.

I'm a french otaku currently studiying at an engeneering school in Paris.
I heard of this project on YouTube and so I came to check it out. When tried the game for the first time I was genuinely impressed by the amount of work put into it so I decided I would bring my meager contribution by triying to help alpha-test the game.

Being french I apologize if my english seems weird in any way or form.
Also it's my first time joining a community so I may be a bit unexperimented but I hope we'll get along.

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Himegami joined the party Empty Re: Himegami joined the party

Post by TBC on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:29 pm

Hello god of dreams! I think that's what Himegami translates into, anyway lol. Or paper dream. lol. Welcome to the forums!

Awesome! I'm glad to have another awesome person join our community Very Happy And thank you Smile I am doing everything I can to make this awesome. I would love to hear your feedback Smile

And your English is great Very Happy Certainly better than most of the American teenagers in our damn country lol. Alright! Well, it's a little slow right now, but every active poster brings us one step closer to an thriving community Very Happy

I hope to see ya around! Welcome Smile

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