Game Crashes when interacting with Meowth.

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Game Crashes when interacting with Meowth.

Post by steaphan on Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:53 pm

So if you have Meowth follow you and you interact with it the game will act normally until the text box closes. Then the game will crash and give you an error box. This is what it says:

Script 'Interpreter' line 512: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method 'unlock' for nil:NilClass

~Ok, the game also crashes for rattata. I'm just going to assume that this error will happen with any pokemon that isn't gastly.

I saved at the wrong moment and I keep interacting with my rattata. This crash is preventing me from continuing my adventure :l

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Re: Game Crashes when interacting with Meowth.

Post by TBC on Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:50 am

Hey there!

Thanks for the report Smile This is a known bug and we're working on fixing it. The next update should have a fix for it on there.

As for the issue you encountered with saving, I'm sorry. You'll have to start over. Thus is the unfortunate nature of Alpha :/

I'd suggest waiting for the next update, unless you're a patient gamer like myself lol. I'll be updating it tonight and it will have some bug fixes and a surprise for Pallet Town Very Happy

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