Hi guys from Italy =]

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Hi guys from Italy =] Empty Hi guys from Italy =]

Post by Iper Da Bidda on Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:40 am

Hi everyone, I am an Italian Gen0's fan, (so I understand English but I can't speak it very well, sorry è.è ), I found this fantastic game by an american youtuber (I don't quote it for don't make spam), I tried the demo, it have bugs but I know that is a demo and is normally Wink of course I report they in the apposite section.
The game is difficult (I can't beat the first gym leader, she's too strength XD), but I appreciate the quests, my favourite is the Rocket's quest in Viridian City!
Good luck at all of the staff for the game development Very Happy
Iper Da Bidda
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Hi guys from Italy =] Empty Re: Hi guys from Italy =]

Post by TBC on Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:49 am

Hey there lper!

I'm glad you are enjoying the game! It is so cool that people from around the world are playing :3. You write English well Smile the only thing is you would want to say "she is too strong". Strength would be like "she has too much strength". But that one sounds odd lol

But yeah, this game definitely is not easy. Having a well balanced steam and strategy is key. And cool! I'll make sure to look over the bugs you report. Thanks and welcome to the forums!!

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