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Post by checkthisout on Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:47 am

Not sure if this has been reported yet or not, but it's a fairly hefty, potentially game-ruining one. Basically, upon exiting the house of the hiker that lives past the abra that gives you pokeballs on the way to viridian city, you find you have teleported a moderate distance to the southwest. The location you end up in is what appears to be an area of grass, however if you walk to the northeast, you can find the rocks where the hiker's house is. I only recognized the rocks because of a separate bug which just makes two squares of rocky terrain purple. Now, if I had saved, this wouldn't be an issue to me (however, I still would have reported it), but I hadn't so I had to quit and restart the game. Granted, I was only approximately 5-10 minutes in, but a bug is a bug. Anyways, hope this was helpful and sorry if I missed a post about it elsewhere!

Edit: Also, considering it was about 6:30 AM at the time, in-game it would have been morning. Also, the hiker said something about being outside maybe. He wasn't at the time so these two things could possibly be contributing factors.


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Hiker's House Empty Re: Hiker's House

Post by TBC on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:16 pm

Thanks for posting Smile

Also, yeah, this has been posted a few times, including from myself :p. Also, it is a simple oversight that caused it, and it has been fixed. I just haven't put it on the public build yet.

Thanks again Smile. If you have any other bugs, make use to edit your original post and reply Very Happy

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