A New Trainer Joined the Brawl

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A New Trainer Joined the Brawl Empty A New Trainer Joined the Brawl

Post by bukareste on Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:24 pm

Hey guys, name is Bukareste.

I'm from HUEland (Also know as Brazil) so I'm sorry if my english is kinda bad.
I first saw Gen0 in Protomario's channel and wanted to see how it was doing. After sometime I got interested in how close to the community the devs were. Since then, I've been watching closely the facebook page. I'll still be much more active in facebook, but I think its nice to be here also. As a sidenote I was the guy who gave the basic idea for the "Love is in the air" quest when the devs asked for suggestions on the facebook page.

Strange thing, I've been giving ideas and watching the changes for a long time but just now I started playing (also one of the reasons I'm here is bug report). I still have to beat the Viridian Leader (and I'm going to). So far the game is amazing.


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A New Trainer Joined the Brawl Empty Re: A New Trainer Joined the Brawl

Post by TBC on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:17 am

Hey there Bukareste!!!!

Welcome to the forums, here from Wisconsin(USA)! That's awesome!!!  That is actually one of my more favorite quests so far :3 I'm TBC from the page, of course :p Head dev dood.  I have some neat plans for the post-quest and stuff as well. Did you get to finish it in-game yet?

Well that's cool! I'm glad you're playing it now, this is definitely the time to play as things are moving forward quite well and I'm getting the re-mapping done for the final time. I'll be making another update here tonight as well, if I have the time Very Happy  Thank you!!

Well, welcome to the community! I hope to see you around Very Happy  Every active member is a step closer to a thriving community Very Happy

P.S. Your English is fine: better than most native English speakers you'll find on the internet lol.

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