Hello fellow Gen0'ers!

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Hello fellow Gen0'ers! Empty Hello fellow Gen0'ers!

Post by SidetracKing on Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:21 pm

Gen0ians? Gen0ites? Is there any consensus on this?!

Anyway just wanted to say what's up to everybody. I found out about this project on YouTube, and I see I'm not the only one! So, being a long time pokemon fan, I had to see for myself how the developers were handling treading on such sacred ground as Oak and Agatha's back story.

TBC and crew, I've gotta say congratulations! You guys put some serious quality into this game. And I love the effort to make the story more serious and where you depart from the more traditional pokemon game template to increase the difficulty. (Gym challenge, anyone?)

I've joined the ranks of the alpha testers and if I find anything we've missed so far I'll be sure to share!

End note: First, I tend to ramble on a bit. Second, I don't have much of an online presence normally, I'm  kinda new to this. So if I display any bad forum form, all I ask is a little forgiveness.

Thanks, and happy training!

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Hello fellow Gen0'ers! Empty Re: Hello fellow Gen0'ers!

Post by TBC on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:22 am

Hmmm.... I've never thought about it. But to go with what rolls off the tongue the best, I'd have to go with Gen 0tarians Very Happy

Hello! I'm currently jamming out to Disturbed's new album, Immortalized, at work on my break right now as I reply :p Well that's great! And yeah, a lot of people have come over from youtube. It's quite fantastic!

Thank you very much! I try to make this as much as an RPG first and Pokemon game second as I can. I want to model the game after my favorite RPGs and take an eclectic approach to features and design aesthetics from them. Hehehe. Yeah, it is my goal to make gyms scary again like they were to me on the original Gen 1 when Pokemon first came out Very Happy

Nor a problem! You're doing great so far Smile Every post and new person is a step closer to a thriving community Very Happy And rambling is fine!! 'Tis perfect for a forum Wink

Well, welcome to the community! I hope you have a good stay and enjoy the game Very Happy Definitely look forward to the next updates in the following months, things will be going faster and much more smoothly now that many things have fell into place better.

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