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Blaine & Legendary Birds  Empty Blaine & Legendary Birds

Post by SidetracKing on Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:27 am

Ok, so I gather from reading discussions in other areas (FAQ's, What would you like to see in gen0) that Blaine will be making an appearance, as will the legendary birds. As such, I understand that this suggestion might step on the toes of already established storyline a bit.

What if Blaine becomes either a partner or rival to the main character (Sam or Agatha) in the search for Moltres? Either we could have to complete a quest for him to get necessary information, or beat him in battle to reach the legendary bird (gen1 fossil maniac style Very Happy ).

On a different note, that I will tie back into my Blaine suggestion in a minute, how about a quest format for the legendary birds where you have to fight off the older "parent" bird in order to battle and capture the younger (lower level) "chick" bird? Just to make things more difficult. Smile Although from a humanitarian (err, pokemonitarian?) perspective that does seem kind of cruel. Of course, so does Pokemon in general when you look at it that way...

Anyway, to tie that back to Blaine, the main character and Blaine could engage the parent bird in a double battle, (Parent moltres being around level 100 with OP suped up stats or something) before you fight and catch the younger bird 1 on 1, thus preserving the legendary stature of the birds a bit better than has been done traditionally in the games.

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Blaine & Legendary Birds  Empty Re: Blaine & Legendary Birds

Post by TBC on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:37 pm

Yea, that wouldn't work very well. All of the new things I add have to be able to fit in the established story and stuff. But it is a good idea Smile.

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