(Closed Until Further Notice) Art time!

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(Closed Until Further Notice) Art time!

Post by TBC on Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:13 pm

First Official Forum contest time!!!!
I wanted comic sans. Shut up.

  • Contest Closed due to lack of participation

If interest is shown and multiple people are still working on something and let me know, the end time may be extended.

Contest Details

This contest will be held for submitting an art piece to hang on someone's wall in-game!  I am looking to put many pictures up, so if you search something you would see an actual picture! The content could be most anything, as long it has a Pokemon filter through it.  

This does not mean it has to be a Pokemon by itself. This could simply be a city-scape painting of Saffron City, a trainer walking into a Pokecenter, a trainer with their Pokemon posing, a family Portrait with their Espeon or something. Hey, even a portrait of a person(they would have to be age-appropriate for 35 years before R/B, mind you) would work!


The submissions will be judged upon skill, creativity, originality and design. Art that is not Pokemon-world related is not allowed.  NOTE: it could be a character in the Pokemon/Gen 0 universe, like Louisiana James or something :p But it must be pertaining to this contest to count.  This thread is also not for your personal gallery and whatnot. Head to Poke'art for that.

Submission Requirements


  • Any quest submissions must be made by Saturday the 26th or they will not be considered for the contest.
  • It is fine to edit your submissions before the contest end date if given new ideas and whatnot. Just be sure to list what you've edited and why
  • As stated above, if you let me know you're working on something and the end date is nearing too close, let me know. I may extend it.

What's in it for me?

If chosen, your picture/painting will be displayed in someone's house in-game with your name being the artist's who did the piece in-game.  I may even have another more fun prize if more than 5 people submit entries!!! (serious ones, mind you)

Posting Format

Simply describe what you drew, how it fits into the context of the Pokemon world, and upload the picture.
If you are unable to post pictures or links:

  • Include the link, broken up, in your post and I will edit it to make sure it posts.

Well, good luck!

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