Bugs I found in my 7 hour search!

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Bugs I found in my 7 hour search!

Post by DoodleWaluigi on Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:05 am

Pallet Town: Bench that you can walk through but can't get off normally

Route 1: Gray Box

Viridian City House near poke center:
You can walk straight through the TV

Viridian City Gym: You can walk through parts of the wall

Suggestion: Viridian Pokecenter: How many cards do you need to play the Triple Triad?

Route 22: Another Gray Box
Route 22: Sends you to the middle of map

Suggestion: Wild encounters: I don't know if it's possible but in full screen (or at least bigger screen) the transition to a battle is really weird because it still transitions in the size of the smaller screen.

Catching Pokémon and they go to the PC?

Route 2: You can go straight through to a part you're not supposed to yet

Flowers stop you in your tracks

Pokemon Center: Pokeballs under pokeball machine

Route 2: Pidgey guy: Okay so if your first Pokémon dies and the rest of your Pokémon are pidgeys you can give him all of them and you will still have your Pokémon + one of those 5 pidgeys you gave away. So basically you can get away with only giving up 4 pidgeys.

Game breaking: Rattata got poisoned so every time I go in it crashes the game because it tries to talk to Rattata. Had to restart.

I had it crash again in the same spot I don't know why but it did again with the same error. I can't get any farther. Would have to restart again because I forgot to save.


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Re: Bugs I found in my 7 hour search!

Post by TBC on Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:14 pm

Hey there Waluigi!!

Thank you very much for the reports Smile Please expand on some of the things like "gray box" and whatnot, and include any screenshots that you are able to.

Also, since you're giving feedback, I'd love it if you could play the closed demo and revise your feedback and add to it. Many bugs, even quite a few I've skimmed over here, have since been fixed.

Would you want me to send you a link to the closed demo when I get it out tonight/tomorrow early afternoon? If so, please message me on FB or send me a PM here.

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