Violet Beginnings

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Violet Beginnings

Post by Fou on Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:16 pm

Below is a "short" story I wrote back when I was in college.  It's the only work I've ever "completed", and it is a side story in my World of Kashmeria series.  This story focuses on the origin of one of the strongest magical families in a world where "magic" was supposed to have been destroyed yet it is -somehow making a comeback-.

BTW, for some reason my formatting in Word wouldn't transfer over here, so I had to quickly go through it and put in all of the thoughts and important words.  I probably missed some things though.


The sound of bells echoed throughout the nearly empty hallways.  A male voice could be heard throughout the entire compound.  “The time is now 20:30 here at Daoskave Repopulation Sanctuary, and it is time for all Subjects to start getting ready for bed.  Remember, you all have a long day ahead of you tomorrow as there will be a celebration to say farewell to those who are graduating.  These subjects as they have completed their brainwashing- I mean education- will be released into the unknown places of the planet to repopulate our planet from the disaster that nearly wiped all life from the face of Kashmeria.  Your families would be proud of you for the sacrifices you have all made in your education process.  May the ancient beast to the north that we call Eoc protect these children, but don’t get too close to Eoc because it may eat you!  MWAHAHAHAHAHA”.  The bells chimed again and all was silent.

Subject 0010A9C78E, or as she liked for her friends to call her since letters are better than numbers, carefully folded up the remnants of an ancient text from the old civilizations and placed it deep within the pages of her book of illegal papers. The adolescent girl crawled off of her rock hard bed and, after peering out the cell door to make sure none of the White Coats were nearby, walked over to her secret hiding spot -third grey stone behind the bed and about half her arm’s length deep. Ace stored the book with all of the stolen items she owned that the white-coat-wearing-slave-driving-four-eyed-freaks forbade her or anybody else inside this so-called “sanctuary” from possessing.  Some sanctuary this place is.  This is definitely what the papers say is called a prison.  We’re slaves here in this slave prison.  Who do these people think they’re fooling with their “educational videos” that they make me sit through every day during “school.”  I may have lived here for eleven years, but I will not allow them to brainwash me.

These videos in an attempt to brainwash them by repeatedly replaying the same message over and over again nonstop for a very long time while they were strapped to hard chairs and forced to watch among other things told Ace and the others that they were children that were chosen to go out into the uninhabited reaches of the planet and basically make babies. Lots of babies.  Enough to populate almost the entire planet they were living on called Kashmeria.  The repopulation of Kashmeria did not register high on Ace’s list of priorities. In fact, Ace really didn’t care about it at all.  As Ace was putting the grey stone back in place to hide her treasure, she started to think again about her situation in this slave prison.  Daddy let the White Coats take me away instead of trying to hide me like our neighbors did with their twins, so going back home would just have him send me back.  Mommy probably wouldn’t try to stop Daddy because he beat her whenever she stepped out of line, so she wouldn’t protect me.

Ace pushed her bed back into place to hide the secret treasure room and then sat down hard on her bed.  She grunted and rubbed her butt cheek as the bed was much too hard for her soft skin.  She picked up one of the textbooks that they were supposed to read during their time off before lights out and flipped through it not even concentrating on it while she thought.  No.  What I need to do is what this Lincoln guy in the new text talks about. I want my freedom.  If I could escape into the city, I could hide from the White Coats.  I’m almost old enough to be released into the New World, so I should be old enough to survive in the city. I’d give anything to feel the sunlight on my face again, or smell flowers, or run around without a care in the world.  And most especially I want to see anything besides these dull-colored fake walls of Section 42 with their Aug N’vor creatures crawling on them spying on us whenever we’re outside of our rooms.  Ugh, I hate those things!  They’re so slimy and look like giant eyeballs with legs!

“And what illegal item have you acquired today?” asked Subject 0010A9C78F or rather Ten as Ace nicknamed him when they first met when he didn’t want to tell a stranger his real name at the time.  She had noticed that they both had 10 at the start of their names, ignoring the double zeros, so she went with that.  Ten grew up alongside Ace since the day they were forced into being cellmates. They were brought in on the same day and since they were treated as animals instead of humans they weren’t separated by gender.  Any problems and they could just be killed and replaced.  Even though they were practically the exact same age, Ace considered him to be like the pain-in-the-butt, teasing older brother that she would have had if not for being sent to the Slave Prison.  Ace tried to block out the day they met because it was the same day she had been betrayed by her family and brought here.  It still came back to her at times though.  As she sat there, thinking up a response, her mind went back to that day.  After Ace was taken away from her parents and started walking through the city, she was blindfolded in an alley and dragged screaming into what she later found out to be the DRS.  She was forced to walk what felt like forever down hallways, up and down different sets of stairs, and thrown into her cell which was locked behind her.  She had no idea what was going on and just cowered in the corner until she was taken out again, put through thousands of tests of different kinds, and then thrown back into her cell again.  

After hours of going through the same thing over and over again, she was finally fed and locked up in the cell for the night.  It was then that she noticed she wasn’t alone.  There was another boy in the room with her in one of the other corners cowering as well.  She was hesitant at first, but after staring back at his brown eyes for a while, she eventually said hi to him.  He responded and after a while she crawled over to his corner and they cried together.

Years have gone by since then and now Ten rested against the opposite wall on his bed a few feet away in their tiny room, peering down through his nerdy glasses at the book he was reading and yet Ace knew from experience that he could see exactly what she was doing without even looking up at her.  Ten had a tendency to do many different things at once like reading a book while listening through the wall at their neighbors and still be able to know that Ace was now glaring at him like a sister would when her brother was about to criticize her.

“It’s another piece from the old times that proves this slave prison is illegal and the White Coat jerks know it. They just want to have power and taking us away from our families to ‘repopulate the planet’. We deserve our freedom, and they are keeping us from it,” Ace growled as she closed her textbook hard and dropped it down to the dirty bare floor that was even harder than the beds.

“Ah, that’s nice,” Ten replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.  “And I wonder how our innocent little angel was able to get this scandalous document. Did you happen to do some favors for one of the White Coats again? Shame on you if you did.”

Ace grabbed the closest thing to her, the flat piece of fabric slightly stuffed with bird feathers that she used as a pillow and hurled it at Ten. The pillow hit Ten in the face and made him drop the textbook he had been reading. Ace then charged across the small room and pinned Ten down to his bed by grabbing the collar of his dull-grey uniform tightly and sharply glared deep into his soul with her piercing eyes.  “I would never do such a thing! What kind of woman do you think I am?  You disgusting verambe!  You know, that gives me an idea.  I’m going to take the next verambe I see and keep it hidden from you.  Then I will take that disgusting little worm with its one hundred little spike legs and horned antennae and slip it into your dinner when I have the chance or maybe when you’re sleeping and watch as it crawls its way down your throat.” Ace spat quietly to avoid any White Coats guards from hearing and coming to break them up. Ace let go of his shirt, punched him hard in the arm and then got off of his bed before whispering through her teeth, “Doing such a vile thing could very easily get me sent to the Recycling Section, you idiot.  I just nabbed it from King’s room before the White Coats could clear it out.”

“You made me lose my page,” Ten gave her a pouty lip when he sat back up after Ace gave him enough room.  He picked up his book again and started flipping through it trying to find his place. “What happened to King? I was wondering why I hadn’t seen him in class today.” Ten asked with a raised eyebrow.  Ten always raised his eyebrow when he was curious.

Ace left him to wonder as she walked over to the corner of their cell where the small mirror and other beauty products she had been allowed to purchase waited for her.  Even though they were slaves, the government had allowed them some commercial items for a small economy.  Each person was allotted points each day to use however they wanted.  Ace couldn’t think of a reason why they were allowed this little snippet of freedom, but she definitely took advantage of it. Maybe the White Coats were testing them to see what kind of things they liked if given the choice and were going to take it away from them in the future as a twisted game of theirs.  Maybe the government outside the walls in the city made the White Coats give them the stuff for some reason.  She really had no idea.

Ace grabbed her broken brush with a few bristles missing from it that cost her 40 points and used it to straighten out her hair.  It had been a long, and dreadful day and she was not about to go to bed looking like she had been digging in the trash or was from Section 45 where everybody used all of their points on those needles that inserted a liquid inside of them to mess up their minds.  She frowned as the brush caught hold of a knot in her long violet hair. Violet hair.  That always made her stand out from the others.  She had no idea why she had such a unique hair color from the rest of the prisoners.  People always accused her of spending her points on dyes and using it in her hair, but she never did.  It was purely natural even though should couldn’t explain why.  All it meant to her was that there was something special and different about her from everybody else.  Powerful silver eyes stared back at her as she brushed. They stared back at her pretty, though sad, face.  They stared as she adjusted her rather tight regulation uniform t-shirt she had worn today. Ace wished that she had the points to buy a new shirt.  This one was a few years old and was really attracting the attention of many of the male slaves and even some of the White Coats.  She definitely didn’t want to attract any of them because that would just have her end up in the Section 57 if things went way too far with any of the guys.  It didn’t help that her chest decided to absorb everything she ate instead of going to her hips or butt like the other girls in Section 42.  Violet hair, silver eyes, and a large chest- did she ever stand out among everybody else.

The silver eyes continued to stare as Ace finally responded to Ten without turning to face him, “Oh you don’t know?  The White Coats discovered that King and Diamond were messing around together and sent King to the Recycling Section.  Diamond was sent to Section 57 because she ended up getting pregnant.”

Ace’s silver eyes glanced around her reflection in the mirror and saw Ten close his book and sit up.  Ten’s shoulders went stiff as if he was nervous about something.  Whatever it was, Ace didn’t know about it.  He never showed any interest in her nor did she to him.  If he had a girl, he never told her.  “What? Really? Wow, I didn’t think they would go that far.  I knew that living together made them grow fond of each other, but I am definitely shocked.  Well, it’s certainly possible that it was all one of the White Coat’s doing and blamed it on King.  Probably forgot to use their pregnancy protection drug when he raped her and didn’t want to get in trouble with his boss.  I bet this means that the White Coats are going to be ‘checking in’ on all of us more often now to prevent other girls from getting pregnant on their watch.”

Ace pounded on the wall in front of her and let out a loud sigh. “I hate this!  We’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, and yet we’re going to be punished for it.  I really wish that I could find some way to escape from here! If there’s any gods out there, please do something to get me out of here!”  Ace’s mirror fell off the wall and shattered as if to mock her for crying out to a god.  Ace sighed and threw her brush at the broken glass.  She would clean it tomorrow because she was ready for bed.

The very next morning, the White Coats appeared earlier than usual to begin inspections of the rooms to make sure the slaves were in line and were not causing any problems.  For the most part everybody passed the inspections with a few minor infractions that led the White Coats to publically beat the offenders in front of everybody to try and convince the slaves that they would suffer the same fate if they did something wrong.  It was then time for Ace and Ten’s room.  

Ace and Ten led the two White Coats into their cell room.  The White Coats pushed Ten out of the way as they entered and started going through everything while Ace and Ten stood like statues in the doorway.  They ripped open the pillows and feathers went flying everywhere.  The White Coats flipped through all of the textbooks looking for writing in them that wasn’t supposed to be, and then tossed them out of the room almost taking Ace’s head off with one of them.  When they asked Ace about the broken glass, she stuttered and said that it was a mirror that fell off the wall. They searched that area carefully for any markings or out of place shards of glass as if there was a secret code or something Ace used with the glass.  

It seemed like everything was going fine until they moved Ace’s and Ten’s two beds away from the wall to search them.  Ace’s heart suddenly stopped when they felt against the walls.  She wanted to run but couldn’t move her legs when the man felt the third stone and noticed that it was loose.  The White Coat pulled the stone from the wall and stuck his hand into her treasure room.  Ace stood petrified when he pulled out everything from the wall and laid it on the bed.  He picked up a green document from the pile and began reading it.  Ace couldn’t help but notice that none of the documents she had put in her treasure room were supposed to be green.  That thought didn’t stay with her long as the man slapped her across the face on her causing her to fall face first into the wall from the force.  She heard Ten yell and then a loud thud sound came from him.  She turned and he was on the ground grabbing his stomach with the other White Coat kicking him repeatedly.  Ace’s attacker clubbed her over the head and then threw her onto the broken glass from the mirror.  He pinned her to the ground and for a second she thought that she was about to be raped.  Ace tried to fight free, but a needle was injected into her neck.  Blackness quickly came.

“…… will start….. days….”

“what about……”

“…..coming around…..”

“Excellent.  Good work.”

The voices in Ace’s head suddenly stopped.  She wanted them to continue, but they wouldn’t come back.  Please come back. I need you. She said to them, but they still wouldn’t come.   It was no use.  She had to wake up, but she didn’t want to.  It was nice where she was.  No worries.  No White Coats.  Just sleep and the voices -the soft, beautiful voices.  Ace saw a soft light that started to spin around and around.  Her peaceful world was leaving, and she started to get sick from the light.  Ace moaned but the light wouldn’t go away.  It was time to leave.  Ace slowly started to open her eyes and the light intensified. It slowly stopped spinning.

Ace tried to sit up, but the spinning started again causing her to stop.  She vomited, but a pair of hands cleaned it up immediately.  Ace tried to look around without moving her head.  She could still see the hands.  They belonged to a female by how small and delicate they appeared.  Ace could see Ten on a table nearby.  Blood caked his face and clothes.  His nose was all crooked now, and he was covered in bruises.  They beat him badly because of me. Ace felt tears drip down her face.  She hoped that he didn’t feel as bad as she did.  Wait.  Why am I not hurting?  I was beat up too, but I can’t feel it at all. Ace tried to sit up and the spinning returned.  She stopped.

“Take it easy.  I’m not done yet.”  One of the voices was back.  It belonged to the hands.  Was somebody treating her wounds?  The White Coats would never treat the wounds they caused the slaves.  Ace tried to look up to see the face of the person with the hands, but she couldn’t get past the spinning.  “Please lay still.  It will only be a few more minutes.”  Ace complied and closed her eyes again to rest.  She didn’t know why, but she felt like she could trust this woman.  She was healing her, after all, wasn’t she?  The other voice returned and she could tell that it was male.  It wanted to know how she was doing.  There was strength behind his words, and yet there was also compassion.   Who was this man?  Why would he care about her?  This was all so strange and Ace did not know what to think.  Suddenly the light was completely gone.  Nothing was spinning.  She felt well.

Ace opened her eyes and sat up.  Nothing.  No spinning room, no light, and definitely no pain at all.  She looked around.  Ten was no longer in the room. In fact, nobody was in the room.  Ace tested the floor with her feet, and it was cold.  It didn’t matter; she stood up anyway.  Her body gave way a little, but allowed her to stay standing.  Grabbing onto the doctor’s table as a brace, Ace looked around for a door.  

Ace recalled a time back when she was a baby in a doctor’s office, but this place didn’t look anything like it besides the table.  Mommy had brought her in for a check-up a few months before she was taken away.  The doctor’s office was full of paper charts and pictures of the human body.  She had sat on a table while the doctor did a number of tests and gave her some medicine.  He seemed nice to her until the shot and then gave her a treat with berries in it that tasted good.

This room was completely empty besides the table that she had been laying on and a hard looking chair in the corner of the room.  There was no nice doctor to be seen right now since she was the only one there, and there was definitely no treat for her.  The table was very soft though.  It reminded her of the bed she had back when she was outside of the slave prison.  How did they heal me so fast without any machines or equipment in here? Did they take me to a different room, or did they take the equipment out of here with them? Ace caught a shiver and finally realized that they took her clothes away from her.  Oh wait, there they are.  No, these aren’t mine.  These are new.  Am I supposed to wear these?  It didn’t matter.  Ace put the clothes on anyways.  They were hers now unless they decided to take them away from her.  Whoever they are…

Ace’s hands were sweaty with nervousness as she reached for the handle to the door. I took a deep breath and then turned the handle and walked out of the room. She entered a hallway full of rooms on all sides.  She started to walk down the hall, but an arm grabbed her. Oh crap! I’m caught and in trouble now and will be getting beat up again.  She started to tense up and was about to grab the arm.  
“What are you doing up?  You’re not fully healed yet and nobody knows you’re here.” The male voice whispered into her ear.  She was pulled back into her room.  

Ace spun around to face the man.  He was roughly her height but a little taller, brown hair, blue eyes, and a few years older than she was.  Actually, Ace knew for a fact that he was a three maybe four years older because his subject number was 00H10EART.  He would have looked like the average male prisoner except that there was a small birthmark right below his left eye. Besides that there was absolutely nothing special about this man at all- wasn’t tall, short, thick, thin, have a big nose, have big ears, dimples- absolutely nothing and Ace was a little disappointed.  Could this really be that powerful voice I was hearing?  He answered that question when the voice from before came out of his mouth,  “Look, I can’t go into a deep discussion right now, Princess, so I’ll keep it as simple as I can as there’s no time.  You’ve got to trust what I say.  They moved you to the recycling center, and officially you are dead. D.E.A.D.  DEAD.  I was able to get you and your friend out of there since I work the furnace.  Now, I need you to stay hidden in here. This is the medical ward of Section 1.  I’ll be back later and will explain in more details later.  STAY HERE,” and he left the room.

Ace stood there in silence.  She didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t know what to think.  They took me to the Recycling Section? But how, why?  My papers didn’t say anything that bad.  I’ve seen worse; heard worse.  Why were they going to kill me?  Why Ten? Wait, those weren’t even my papers.  Did they belong to Ten?  Why would Ten have something so dangerous when he has always been so quiet and against me when I talked about freedom?  What am I going to do? Can I trust this guy?  I just met him!  What if this is all lies by the White Coats to trick me?  What should I do?  Ten, I wish you were here…. Ace walked over and sat back down on the bed.  She waited.  And waited.  At one point a woman White Coat walked into the room.  Wait, a woman White Coat?  That’s impossible!  Ace was both shocked and scared at first, but the woman just left some food with a smile, pushed the middle of her glasses up with a finger and then signaled to stay quiet with the finger pressed against her lips.  She then walked back out of the room as Ace watched her long black hair cover the back of her white coat.
It seemed like hours went by before the man came back with a visitor.  “Ten!” Ace shouted when she saw him, ran over, and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.  “I was so worried about you!  What is going on?”  Ten hushed her and closed the door quickly.

“I’ll answer that,” the average looking man said.  “To put it bluntly, and there’s no easy way to say this without making it sound cliché, we’re a rebellion group that is working on getting people safely out into the real world instead of being killed by the furnace.”  The man, who introduced himself as Jack and the leader of the rebellion, explained how Ten and King were members of their organization and how they had tricked the White Coats into thinking that they were smuggling points from the city to the slaves.  Ace had gotten mixed into the attempt to kill Ten since she was his roommate, and he had hidden some of his smuggling papers in with her treasures for a cover to the operation.  She was mad at Ten and punched him hard in the arm, but then she realized that this was now her chance.  She could be free.  She can finally escape this prison!

Jack explained to Ace some of the work the rebellion group had accomplished and what was to become of her.  Documents were altered; fake identifications were created.  Ace was to join the next group of graduates to leave DRS and join the outside world of people who were supposed to repopulate the world.  But before she could leave, there was a mission that Jack wanted her to go on with him, Ten, and once they met up with him King would be joining as well.  “King has received some great Intel and will be meeting us a little later to brief you on the specifics.  All I can say right now is that you’ll be shocked and it’ll change how you see the world.  Prepare yourself, because I still don’t completely believe it and won’t until we see it.”

Ace was completely confused, but just shrugged her shoulders.  If they can get me out of here, I’ll do whatever they want. She looked over into Jack’s beautiful blue eyes and gave him a smile.  “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.  Can’t be worse than what I’ve been going through my whole life, but how exactly am I supposed to go on this mission when I’m dead?  It’ll take just one Aug N’vor seeing me with their giant eye and the White Coats will spoil this little mission of yours.”

“Well, Princess-“

“Stop calling me that.  My name is Ace.”

“Right… Well, Ace, we will be using the air ducts, of course,” Jack said with half a grin and he walked over to the corner of the room where the chair was placed.   He picked it up, walked back over to Ace and Ten.  “Excuse me,” he said, slightly nudging Ace over a little and placing it on the table.  The leader of the resistance then got up on the table himself, positioned the chair, and climbed on top of it.  A few seconds later Jack had a portion of the ceiling removed to reveal a large opening that they could fit through.

“Huh… after all these years and I never noticed that there were such things in the ceiling,” Ace muttered under her breath.  She looked over at Ten and he shrugged.

“I noticed them and tried crawling through one time.  That’s how I ended up running into the resistance.  Literally fell into them,” Ten said with a nervous chuckle and then turned to watch Jack pull himself up into the ceiling and motioned Ace to follow after.  “You’re next, Sis.”

Ace climbed up on top of the table, put one foot on the chair, and took it off when the chair shook a little.  She repositioned the chair and tried it again.  This time the chair stayed in place and she grabbed Jack’s outstretched hand.  He pulled her up into the dark, dusty cramped space of the ceiling and for a moment silver eyes met blue.  Ace tossed her violet hair and glared.  Jack smiled at her and then scooted back for there to be more room.  Ace turned around and helped Ten up.

“Where to, boss?  Section 2 med lab again?” Ten asked once he was up and had put the ceiling tile back into place.  Jack nodded and Ten led them down the path through all of the dust and grime inside the vent.  

Ace sneezed when a pile of dust flew up her nose.  “Wait, what about the chair?  If someone goes into the room while we’re gone, they’ll know we went up here.”

“SHH!!” Jack hissed through his teeth.  He tapped Ace on the shoulder and pointed toward the floor.  They were right above a vented opening in which there was an Aug N’vor crawling on the wall across the hallway below.  It stopped moving, looked around, and then continued to walk along the wall.  Ace swallowed hard.  Jack said in a softer voice, “It was already taken care of for us. We left in middle of Queen’s rounds.  She moved the chair back as soon as we left.”  When Ace asked, Jack explained that Queen was the White Coat woman who had brought her the food and had healed her.

After crawling through the air duct for a good ten minutes, Ten led them to a vent that opened into a room similar to the one Ace woke up in.  Once Ace dropped to the floor, she brushed the dust off of her clothes.  “Finally we’re out of there.  I could hardly breathe up there and couldn’t see a thing.” Ten smiled from across the room where he was leaning against the wall waiting.

Jack jumped down from the ceiling and landed on his feet.  With a smirk on his face he turned to Ace, “Oh I could see plenty.  You have a nice butt.”  Ace punched Jack hard in the arm and called him a pervert and a creeper.  Jack laughed, “Alright, I’ll behave.  King will be here any minute to brief us.”
As if he was summoned, King entered the room at that moment.  “Hey guys.  Ace, long time no see.  Thought I died, didn’t you?”  Ace smiled at her neighbor and friend for many years.  Even though they had just seen each other at lunch before he was taken away with Diamond, Ace measured him up to make sure he was healthy.  His mop of red hair was still messed up like always, his gigantic nose had a small scar on it which made her wonder if he hadn’t been healed all the way, and he still hadn’t missed any meals at all.

“Yes I did, but I’m glad that you’re alright.  I’m still amazed as to everything that has happened so far.  This resistance group, Ten and I getting attacked, you and Di… um, sorry.” Ace said as she realized that it was probably a touchy subject about him and Diamond still.

“Meh, don’t be.  Di and I were not as close as they made it out to be.  We were good friends who occasionally flirted.  It was one of them that did this to her.  She’s safe where she’s at in the pregnancy section, for now at least.  I’m going to try to sneak her out of there once the baby is born before they send her to the furnace.”

Jack cleared his voice.  “I hate to interrupt this reunion, but we don’t have much time before my next shift.  King, tell these two the amazing news you found out.  I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces.  The news coming from your messed up face just adds to the scene.”

“Oh bite me Jack.  The girls love my face because it’s unique,” King said and then cleared his throat and paused.  I guess he’s trying to make his speech dramatic. Ace decided to sit on the table again and noticed that it was just as soft and comfortable as the other one.  “Get ready for this because you might poop your pants.  You guys know how Queen is able to do things like healing injuries and stuff like that without knowing how she does it?  Well, I figured it out! It’s Magic!”

“Magic? What is magic?” Ace asked as she folded her arms and swung her legs hanging off the side of the table.  Someone must have been expecting they would be coming because there was a small drink container that normally would’ve cost Ace 5 points full of water.  She opened it up and took a sip.  The dusty air duct had made her thirsty.

“I discovered a video during the reconnaissance mission that said a very long time ago there was a Doctor in what was called the United States that discovered what he called ‘magic.’ It is all rather hard to explain but somehow the White Coats want us to forget about it and during their tests when we were brought in they altered our DNA- DNA is what makes us who we are I guess.  Anyways, we can have this reversed!  We can have magic again and can fight back against the White Coats.”

Ace and Ten were silent for a while. She looked back and forth from King beaming face to Jack’s smug smile.  This is insane.  Have these people lost their minds?  Have they been smoking some crap that they got with their points?  Special powers that can save us from the White Coats?  Okay, escaping in one thing but fighting off all of the White Coats with their drugs and weapons.  There’s just no way.

Ace was about to swallow the water in her mouth to say something, but Ten beat her to it when he said, “You guys are insane.  We’ve done so much and this is so farfetched that there’s no way you could be making it up.  How are we supposed to fight them though?  Dr. Q only uses this ‘magic’ of yours to heal wounds.  We can heal ourselves all day but that won’t help very much if we try to fight off the slave drivers.”

Jack started to laugh and slapped his leg.  “Just wait.  King, show them your new powers.”  Ace glared at Jack.  He’s such a jerk. She then faced King and spit the water all over him.  He wiped the water off of his face, except it wasn’t King’s face at all.  It was Jack’s face.  Ace could feel her jaw dropping because as she looked closer it wasn’t just the face.  King had somehow changed himself to look exactly like Jack!  Ten cursed under his breath.  “Just wait, there’s more.”  The King-Jack held up his hand palm out.  There was nothing there but a few seconds later Ace could see something like a dust bunny swirling around above King’s hand that grew bigger and started turning red.  All of a sudden there was a giant flaming ball hovering in the air.  King-Jack reached into his pocket with his other hand and pulled out a piece of paper.  He held it up to the fireball and the paper ignited on fire.  The hand that held the fireball lowered and was closed into a fist, extinguishing the fireball and the piece of paper quickly burned to a crisp.  In an instant later King-Jack turned back into Jack with the blink of an eye.  “The only side effect is that you feel a little tired afterwards.  The stronger and longer you use it, the more tired you feel.”

Ace couldn’t hold back her excitement.  She jumped off the table and gave King a giant hug.  “That’s incredible!  How did you do that?”  King simply responded saying that it was magic and everybody in the room started to laugh.  Ace couldn’t remember a time that she was this happy before, not even when she was free.  Once everybody was calmed down, Jack explained the plan to the group.  They were going to sneak through the air ducts again to the laboratory in Section 13 where the DNA altering machines were stored.  They were then going to one by one operate the machines and restore the magic that they had lost so many years ago.

Ace found herself staring at a giant machine with a glass tube filled with a red liquid.  Her head began to hurt as if a repressed memory was trying to return to her.  She thought she caught a flash of a red light.  Was I in that thing before?  Her suspicions were proven to be true when King said that they would all have to strip down to their underclothes and go inside the red liquid for the DNA altering machine to work.  He would operate it from the outside and change their DNA so that they could use magic again.  “Who wants to be first?” He had asked.

Ace looked around the large room.  It was full of machines of different sizes and shapes that caused her to sweat with worry.  Machines always seemed to cause problems.  Machines haunted her memories of the tests when she first came here, and she also had suspicions that the Aug N’vor was a machine or at least part machine.  There was also a large desk with piles of books and papers on them in which Ten was looking at.  There were actual decorations on these walls, but they were mostly charts again and the color on the walls were dull like usual.  Ace got a chill up her back because the room gave her the creeps.

“You go ahead, Ace.  I want to read some of this information and try to figure out how and why this magic exists.  Maybe there’s something in here that we will need to know before we can fight the White Coats,” Ten said from behind the book he held.  His glasses slipped a little and he pushed them up before turning a page.

“Alright, fine.  Might as well get it over with.” Ace muttered and stared stripping down to her underwear and ignoring the staring that she knew she was getting from King and Jack.  She stepped up onto a ramp that was right beside one of the machines and climbed up to the top opening.  “What do I do once I’m inside?”

“There is a mask with tubing on the inside of it.  Put that on and you’ll be able to breathe while you’re under the liquid.  Then you just stay still while I work the machine.  Don’t worry, I had no problems at all working on the machine at all earlier with my recon partner.  It will go smoothly.  Just stay calm because you will be surprised at all of the changes,” King said.

Ace shivered from either the cold or from worry.  Or both, she couldn’t tell.  She slowly lowered herself into the liquid and found that it was as cold as she was expecting it to be.  It was actually a nice warm temperature like that which they were bathed in every morning before morning meal.  Ace found the mask that King had mentioned and slipped it on her face.  She then grabbed onto the side of the tube, closed her eyes, and dived into the liquid.  She thought that she heard King say something, but didn’t understand.  She held onto the sides of the container and felt the liquid heat up a little bit and heard a low hum of the machine working.

A burst of energy hit her.  Someone was poking Ace’s body with thousands of tiny needles all at once.  Ace tried to scream but the mask prevented it.  Yet, the needles weren’t painful at all.  In fact, it actually felt good.  Then the needles were gone and in their place was what felt like a thin piece of fabric enveloping her body.  It was soft and felt like her mother’s touch back when she was five years old and being tucked into her bed.  This fabric dissolved and then Ace could actually see thousands of little….something that she could not place a name to with her eyes closed.  And then she had a name for them as if the information was being fed to her.  They were little balls of Mavieda or rather pieces of pure life energy that is separate than natural energy itself.  Ace loved Mavieda and wanted to spend the rest of her life swimming in it.  The energy felt like it belonged with her and she belonged with it.  How could I forget and lose something so precious to me?  Ace suddenly saw a vision in the Mavieda that showed her when she was very young.  She saw herself playing in her old bedroom with the Mavieda.  She saw that she had used it to change her hair color to the violet it was now, and she saw how she changed her eyes silver as well.  She saw her mother come in, get upset, and tried to use her own magical powers to try and change Ace’s hair back to normal.  Ace was too strong with the Mavieda for her mother to overpower her and she gave up.  Ace was happy.  She loved her hair, her eyes, and her magic.

Ace was suddenly woken up from a trance as she was pulled out of the red liquid in the machine and had the mask taken off of her face.  Ace could feel the Mavieda floating around the person that took her out of the machine and could tell that it was Jack.  Ace couldn’t think of how to explain it but then she realized that the Mavieda acted just like her nose smelled or her ears heard.  They sensed the magic hidden inside of the person and it screamed ‘Jack’ to her.  “Easy there, Princess.  You were in there quite a long time.  King stared to panic because you were in there much longer than his partner did.  Ten says you may have a little overdose.”

Ace opened her eyes and looked around.  The Mavieda were not as prevalent as they were with her eyes closed, but she could still see them.  They were all over the place.  On the machines, on the walls, surrounding King and Ten in clusters, and quite a bit around Jack as well.  She looked over at the red liquid and there was plenty in it as well.  “Amazing.  The magic energy seems to be very attracted to you, Ace.  I can’t believe how much of it has absorbed into you and all the excess that is just floating around you.  For the two of you who can’t see it yet, think of the hottest girl you’ve ever seen and multiple her hotness by ten thousand.  That’s how amazing Ace looks right now with the magic.” King said.

Ace blinked a couple of times and stepped down the ramp and walked down to the ground in silence.  Where are my clothes?  I’m still wet and need to dry off. She thought to herself as she found that her clothes were actually still up on the ramp.  She looked down at her wet underclothes.  “Triofein,” she commanded and the Mavieda surrounding her circled around her body rapidly to dry her undergarments for her.  She glanced over at her clothes and raised her hand.  “Sairetoo midom onm’etemeti.”  Her clothes flew across the room to land in her hand.  She noticed King’s eyes widen with shock at her verbal usage of commands, but he didn’t say anything to her.

“Well, I guess these books really aren’t needed to help explain what you are feeling,” Ten said as he dropped the book he had been reading back onto the desk.  “The only thing that I can think of adding for you is that apparently genetically we have a switch within each piece of DNA that we have.  The doctor that King mentioned earlier found a way to turn these switches on, and that is what gives people the ability to see and use the magic energy you can see and I cannot.  The DRS turned our switches off, or they might have never been turned on at all before now.  The books don’t give any history about what came about between that time and the disaster on our planet.”

Ace stood back and watched as Jack and Ten went through the process the she had gone through.  As she had expected, they were not within the machine for very long because the Mavieda was not as attracted to them as she was.  Although, even though Jack was becoming more of a pain in the butt than Ten ever was, she couldn’t help but notice an attraction to him due to his minor but clear stronger capability with the Mavieda.  It almost seemed to glow around him.

“Alright, since everybody is alright, we should head back now before we get caught,” Jack said once the effects of the change had worn off and they had practiced using magic to make sure it worked.  Ace was the only one who could command it verbally.  The four of them quickly climbed back into the air duct and crawled their way back to Section 2.  Once they were back in the room, Jack broke the silence again to say, “Well, it’s been real fun guys, but this is where we split up.”

Jack was about to say more when the door opened up to the medical room.  A pair of White Coats walked in.  “What’s going on in here?” One of them said as he looked at the four.  He looked beyond them and saw that the ceiling tile was still on the floor.  “Hey, what have you been doing sneaking around?”  The man grabbed Ten by the shirt and tossed him across the room.  

King looked like he was about to summon the Mavieda, but Jack nudged him as a cue and he stopped.  “I was just about to call you guys.  On my way to start my job at the furnace, I ran into these people.  I think they were smuggling something illegal,” Jack said and he twisted King’s arm behind his back in a restrain.

“Yeah, whatever.  All of you are going there now.  Come on out of there and don’t try anything funny,” the White Coat said and escorted them out of the room.  

Ace watched the Mavieda in silence as they were walked down the hallway towards Section 3 where the furnace was located.  They passed by an Aug N’vor as they walked, and she could see the Mavieda circling around it.  The Mavieda started moving around the Aug N’vor and Ace noticed that King was trying to control it with magic.  The Aug N’vor launched off the wall and started attacking the two White Coats with its eight legs.  It crushed them with the giant eye body.  “Now’s our chance!”  King said and suddenly he changed his appearance to that of a different White Coat.  “You guys go ahead.  There is bound to be more of them coming soon and it’s almost graduation time.  I’ll continue to cause a diversion while you guys meet up with Queen and prepare for it.”

A crowd started to form in the hallway as the three of them quickly walked towards Section 1.  At the first sign of an Aug N’vor, Ace changed her appearance as well to look like one of the other girls from her Section so she wouldn’t be recognized.  They made it all the way back to the medical room that Ace had woken up in earlier that day.  Dr. Queen came in a little later.  Jack filled her in on what happened.
“So what’s the plan now?  How are we going to sneak into the graduates?”  Ace asked as she once again sat on the soft table.  She was amazed at how much of the Mavieda was inside this little but nearly empty room.  There was no wonder why it was used as a place of healing.

“The original plan was to use altered uniforms that I sewed together and sneak you into the group of graduates that I’m supposed to be leading, but now that you can use magic we might as well have you disguise yourselves with an illusion.  By the way, I finished up on an experiment that I was working on with King.  I was able to create a drug to hide your magical powers during the graduation inspection.”  Dr. Queen displayed a four sets of needles with a liquid inside of them.  Queen hesitated as if there was something else that she wanted to say.

“Don’t worry about it.  I’ll let her know,” Jack said and he turned to Ace.  “There’s only space for two people to go out in this round of graduations.  You are obviously going, but Ten is not.  I’m going in his place.”

“What?  Why?”  Ace asked as she looked back and forth between Jack and Ten. She had not been expecting that at all.  Sure Jack is starting to grow on me, but Ten and I have been together for years. I can’t just leave him! “Ten?”

“Don’t worry, Ace.  Everything will be alright,” Ten said and he walked over to hug her.  “This might shock you a little, but Queen and I have a thing going on and I can’t leave her here alone.  Jack feels like he’s ready to move on now.  He’s almost 20 years old.  The White Coats have kept him around and haven’t had him graduate because he’s such a good worker.  However, they seem to have been coming to resent him a little, so it’s not safe for him here much longer.  We were planning on faking his death and having me take over the position at the Furnace and lead the resistance.”  Ten ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead.  “In a couple of years we’ll break out of here and join you.  I promise.”

Ace could feel the tears running down her face.  She was able to see the logic in what he said, But it still sucks.  I don’t want to lose him.  She agreed to it though and Queen gave her and Jack the shots. “You won’t be able to use the magic for a while, but don’t worry, it’ll be there.   Once you’ve passed the graduation, your magic will return.  I’m warning you now though; you’ll need to be extremely careful.  None of the other people going out there will have the magic.  It could cause panic and trouble may arise in your new life.” Queen then left to go prepare herself for graduation.

A little later Jack and Ace slipped into the crowd of graduates, led by Dr. Q, as they were being walked to the examination room.  At the entrance was one of the White Coats that had beaten Ace and Ten up the night before.  Immediately Ace’s heart rose to her throat.  Oh please, please, please don’t recognize me! Jack gave her hand a light squeeze, and she tried to relax.  They started walking passed him when he stopped them.  Crap!!  

“Hold on, there’s only supposed to be 10 graduates and there are 12 here.” The man in the White Coat said looking at his clipboard.

“Really? Are you sure about that, Dr. Club?  I’ve been working with this group of students for a while now and there have always been twelve.  It must be a typo on your paperwork.  See?  Look, my reports say twelve.”  Queen said as she showed him her clipboard of students as she read off the list.  “….and SP10403ADE.  That’s all of them.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right.  Stupid HR.  They’re always getting my papers wrong no matter how many times I complain to them.  Go on through.” The man sighed waving them through as he wrote on his clipboard fixing the error.  Ace noticed a mirror on the wall as she entered but it wasn’t her reflection looking back at her.  One of the shots Dr. Q gave her must have also temporarily changed her appearance without her knowing.  Hopefully it would wear off once she was free.

Ace was soon taken by other White Coats, stripped naked, and tied down to a table where a large machine with bright lights examined her.  She looked up and saw Dr. Queen working the machines, so she felt calm.  Queen winked at her and began the examination process.  For a moment, there was a bright flash of light and Ace was blinded.  There was nothing she could do, and she let her mind wander.  She thought about her time in the prison and how horrible it was.  Although there were some good things, like her friendship she had with Diamond and King.  She thought of Queen and how even though she didn’t know her very long, she had still been so very nice to her. There was also her adopted brother Ten.  She was going to miss him a lot.  She prayed that he never got caught and would eventually be able to return to her in the new world.  Lastly, she thought of Jack and even though he was somewhat of an annoyance, she still liked him and also his ability with Mavieda.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” Queen’s voice quietly announced to her.  “I’m sorry sweetie, but the very last part of the graduation process is that your mind is wiped of everything except basic human survival skills and a few other things like that myth your educational videos tried to convince you.  You remember the ‘stay away from the northern part of the world because of an ancient god that will eat you up’ video, right?  They want to keep our government out of the world out there.  It will keep us all separate until the world is back to its full population.  You won’t remember a thing about any of us.  I’m sorry.”  Ace didn’t have any time to react to the news.  The bright light intensified until it stung, and then it stopped.  

Ace was outside. OUTSIDE.  In the real world.  She could feel the breeze of fresh air in her face.  Animals off in the distance cried out with joy.  The smell of salt-water was in the air.  But she didn’t have any time.  She had to remember.  She just had to.  She dropped to her knees.  Sand.  There was a lot of sand.  Was that actually an ocean behind her?  Who cares, she had to write in the sand.  She had to remember.  Remember what?  It was starting to disappear.  She started scribbling down in the sand.  But what was she writing?  Her hands stopped.  She couldn’t remember.  What couldn’t she remember?  Wait, what could she remember?  What’s going on?  Where is she? Who is she?

A young man with blue eyes and brown hair walked up to the naked girl with violet hair and silver eyes playing with the sand by the ocean.   “Hi,” He said with a smile.  The girl looked up at him.  He was an ordinary looking man with his short brown hair and his blue eyes, but he also had a birthmark under his eye that was kind of cute.  He was attractive, especially without clothes on.  Clothes.  She didn’t know how but she knew what clothes were and that she needed to make some.  She began to flush and tried to cover herself up so he couldn’t see.   “Hey there, Princess.  What’s your name?”

The girl looked confused.  She looked down at the sand in front of her.  “I don’t know.  I can’t remember who I am, or what I’m doing here.  The sand says ‘Pris’, but that doesn’t sound like a girl’s name.”  She tried to think.

“How about what I just called you?”

“Princess? No, that’s stupid and don’t call me that.”

“You have nice violet hair, so how about Violet?”

“Oh please, my hair isn’t who I am.”

“You could be called Eve?”

“No way, that’s too cliché.”

What could she call herself?  Something came back to her suddenly- a memory of some kind. She looked back up at him.  “Call me Magi.” She smiled at him as her hand waved over the sand as she silently called upon the Mavieda to wash away the writing.

“It’s nice to meet you, Magi.  I still don’t know who I am yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  Come join me and the others.  We can find ourselves together,” the man said and he helped her stand up. Her silver eyes met his again and something about him seemed familiar.  On a closer inspection she noticed that the Mavieda were starting to like him too.  The two of them walked through the sand towards the other ten people waiting for them.  The breeze blew Magi’s violet hair as they set off to start the beginning of their new life.

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