Best Creative Moment for Fou

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Best Creative Moment for Fou

Post by Fou on Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:25 pm

I've decided to post the short story I wrote in the Writing Center.  I wrote it while in college, and it's the only writing piece I ever finished.  I was part of a creative writing class in which we were supposed to write a "short" story.  Most of the class ended up writing pieces that were 8-12 pages long (double-spaced).  I, however, had plans back then for my story idea, and I just kept on writing until I ran out of things to say.  I wanted to go above and beyond the goal, but I was not expecting my story to be 30 pages (double-spaced).  My class was rather shocked and a little intimidated (some were probably upset as well because we all had to read and critique everybody else's writing).  Bad thing for me though was I had to print out copies for everybody in the class lol.  Good thing there weren't too many people in class otherwise my entire printing balance for the semester would've been gone. Razz

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