Christmas Eve gift exchange

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Christmas Eve gift exchange

Post by Fou on Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:57 pm

I just got Pokemon Sun from my favorite cousin as my Christmas Eve gift! Very Happy


Getting ahead of myself...

My family has a tradition where on Christmas Eve where the "children" are allowed to open one present that they got each other (most of the time it was just me and my brother, but now my cousin is with us for Christmas and we each alternate- my brother opened my gift, my cousin opened my brother's gift, and I opened my cousin's gift). It's usually one of the smaller gifts that get opened, but my cousin was only able to get me one present this year due to school expenses. My cousin got some new blue tooth headphones (i think they were headphones. I know she said "bluetooth". Didn't really see what it was) that she wanted. I got my brother the Megaman Legacy Collection for 3DS. And I got Pokemon Sun! Unfortunately I can't play it yet as my 2DS got lost a few months ago, so the only system we have is the one with his present already installed on. But at least I got the game. I can be patient a little longer and let him join his gift. Razz

Do any of you guys open any gifts on Christmas Eve or do you do everything Christmas Morning? What other traditions do you guys have?

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