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Closed Demo Feedbak

Post by bookiesuace on Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:13 pm

Pallet Town:

The plaque looking structure on the right near the exit to route one, there is no description.
(not sure if there is supposed to be)

Ross walk path goes through bed

Route 1:

Mountain house exit, you end up in the back

The shady merchant guy, when you click special deals the game exits

Viridian City:

First house on the right, you walk underneath the kitchen chair

After speaking to the merchant when you have completed her quest the conversation is choppy, she greets you personally, then greets you to purchase something

I was near the pokecenter walking by the tress, I looked away and somehow I was transported in the viridian forest near the Chancey girl

After completing the pidgey quest a blank quest bar appeared and did not go away till I accepted a new one. I did open menu when the quest was finishing.

Route 2:

Ace trainer, I beat before gym and I believe his text after mentioned me already beating the gym but I did not. Could be wrong, not fully sure.

Initiating a talk with sam after beating gym leader, no noise to signify conversation started

After defeating same he walked right through me, I was south of him

Viridian Forest:

Second pokemon in secret grove non responsive

Bobby at the end of he forest is running frantically

Lisa with Chancey, her picture in conversations is a man


No introductory battle music with trainers

Peck battle animation looks like gust

Pokemon walking behind you wih a walking area of one square width glitches

Questions? (TBC edits in answers)

  • (Question) The mime quest in the forest, is that finished?
    (Answer) Yes, it is finished. I tested it before releasing the demo. Where did you get in the quest?
  • (Question) Is the mini boss area in the forest (pile of sticks) currently active?
    (Answer) Oh you think that's for a miniboss Pokemon, do you? Hmmmmm.

Loving the game!

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Re: Closed Demo Feedbak

Post by TBC on Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:37 am

Thank you so much for the bug reports and feedback, dood! I will edit this response when I work on the bugs here and get these fixed up and stuff.

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