thoughts on my gen0 playthrough (so far)

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thoughts on my gen0 playthrough (so far)

Post by Koen on Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:16 am


You might know me from twitch(user:pandabear71). I'll keep this thread updated with my thoughts about the game. I'll write a full suggestion/bug report once i finished the alpha. These are just my genereal thoughts, not worked out. Please keep in mind that i only wrote down something when i had a suggestion or i thought something was off in some way (or something like that?).
There were alot of things i liked about the playthrough so far, but i haven't wrote all of that down. so even if it may seem a little bit negative sometimes, i assure you it's not!

Current list. game version: 6.8, played untill: end of starting town.

- okay lets start the game.
- first chat in the house: text error. (text bug)
- first chat with mom, it says /pn instead of agatha where the name should be. (text bug).
- shoes come through a website. they had that 35 years ago?
- You can write your own name when you met sam, but before your name was Agatha? A nickname might be better (suggestion).
- You can't save before getting your gastly, which makes sof resetting for shiny,nature,IV a bit difficult, if that is your thing. gg i got bold, not bad.
- helping abra is awesome. maybe it would be nice to summon him at will to give some information about where you're at? like missed quest etc.. (suggestion)
- can't talk to the girl behind the counter in the pallet house. would be nice to buy soft drinks from her? (suggestion)
- following pokemon glitch a little bit when walking over chairs (bug)

~ Koen


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