Bugs, feedback and minor introduction based on new Alpha release.

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Bugs, feedback and minor introduction based on new Alpha release. Empty Bugs, feedback and minor introduction based on new Alpha release.

Post by Nameless peon on Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:46 pm

Hey, it has been quite some time again since the last open aplha update so I haven’t really bothered to make an introduction post; since the last time I tried to make one I couldn’t make a forum account because of an issue at the time with registering new forum accounts.
Anyway now that I can post on the forums and the new alpha is live I thought to myself ''let’s make myself useful and help with some bug catching(pun intended) while testing the new demo’’.
First of all I would Like to say that I really enjoyed the demo and overall it was a good experience, but having said that I think there are some tweaks that might be needed to make it even better which I will refer to in the Feedback section of the post.

-Picking up the oran berry in pallet town before getting gastly causes the game to crash.
-The Abra and Agatha dialogue at the start of the game happens twice if you spam click the ''C’’ key to much.
-If you beat the miniboss Pidgeotto with curse while your Pokemon faints the game thinks you lost the battle even when you still have other Pokemon alive in your party.(not sure if this is true since I reset the game file after this happened and didn’t get the confirmation that I beat it by seeing the next day pidgey’s, but I assumed this at the time because I didn’t get an EXP drop and nothing else happened so it needs further testing; but replicating this possible bug with your tools is allot faster than for me to start another game all the way to this point again and wait one day for the Pidgey’s)
-On the second playthrough when I beat the miniboss I still didn't get any EXP.(The Pidgey’s did spawn the next day however)
-Choosing the extra dialogue on the rattata quest guy crashes the game when you choose it before finishing the quest.
- Viridian forest has an infinite ''Ether'' spawn at the start.(This did help me allot with testing out some things after I beat Flint since I wanted to test some stuff and this bug pretty much gave me endless gold to do so)
-The data guy at the academy says you have caught 0 Pokemon yourself even when you did.
-The menu wheel name tags sometimes vanish when using a certain option like an item for instance.(P.S. I do really like this menu it was well made; I have only played Pokemon Red and Gold as a child so I’m not sure if wheel menus are in the games these days, but if they aren’t than good job it looks and feels nice)
-The cutscene of the kid that jumps the ledge sometimes gets stuck if you spam click the ''C’’ key to much.(However It could also be that it has something to do with where you stand when you start the cutscene)
-Also the cutscene of the kid that jumps the ledge happens each time over again when you get there.(I assume this is intended to be a onetime thing otherwise you might as well walk around each time with the amount of time it costs to watch the cutscene)
-Wrong art at the healing girl in Viridian forest(unless she is secretly a he XD).
-In the Hidden Grove the kricketune disappears after you beat him, but the kricketot doesn't.(Is this intended?)

(not sure if you care about these since you seem to still plan on rewriting allot of dialogue duo to placeholders or changes to the story so if this isn’t relevant just ignore this section)
-Miyamoto: Looks like you've taken your own weaknesses into account and utilized ''yoru'' strengths well.(your*)
-Belle: I'm from Jotho! I took a trip here so I can see the various forests of kanto. It's ''rreally'' been quite beautiful.(really*)
-Jared: I saw a really ''skiddish'' Mime looking Pokemon over to the east.(you mean ''skittish*''?)
-Agatha(talking to the rich kid Lance): Boy, money doesn't fucking buy you skill. Your pokemon might be powerful, but ''you''... (I have no clue about what kind of funky stuff is going on in this sentence)
-Craig(Raichu guy):There's more to ''strenth'' than just dominating battles.(strength*)

I remember finding a few more typos, but I didn't think about writing them down at the time.

(All my feedback are just thoughts I had on the game while playing it. I’m in no way trying to impose my ideas on your game so please don’t be offended if you strongly disagree with anything I say hereafter, but sometimes hearing something from another perspective can help improve things.)
-Flint seems way to easy(I know it’s still really early design but if you use the perfect IV’s Pidgeotto from the miniboss than he can solo his entire team without using any strategy or items right after coming out of Viridian forest)
-Flint kept randomly switching Pokemon allowing me to get in allot of free hits.(weird issue with his AI)
-The Pidgey's from the miniboss are to strong so no reason to not stack them.(Maybe make it so you can only catch somewhere between 1-3 and not an endless amount)(Maybe this is already the case because there are 2 overworld sprites and they just don’t despawn afterwards like they should?)
-The 3 Pokemon from the academy test are harder than those of the first Gym leader even though the Gym battle comes after it.(Proposed solution: increase Pokemon levels from acadamy test by 1-2 levels, but remove some of the crazy strong attacks(like Flametrower/Inferno) they have and replace them with lesser similar ones(like Ember/Fire Spin)
-Also make it so your Pokemon are healed after each of these 3 tests since now you have to go to the Pokemon center between each one which is rather tedious and doesn't add anything to the game difficulty wise other than waste a few minutes walking back and forth.(unless you intended people to do this in order to teach new players to abuse game mechanics like these early on in which case I think it's not really needed since other early game content already teaches this lesson).
-Make the 1st Gym leader slightly stronger 1-2 levels on each of her Pokemon should do the trick.
-The Zigzagoon you get from the trainer right after Pallet town doesn’t always listen if you train him past level 10 which you need to do for him to be relevant in the 1st gym.(The event Meowth is a great pick to clear 1st Gym with instead, but I feel Zigzagoon was made available with the idea to help new players versus the Pokemon that are strong against your Gastly early in the game and not all new players will think of or manage to catch it)
-Quest EXP seems rather low for the effort it takes to complete them, especially when compared to just beating any random wild Pokemon.
-Bonus EXP from beating a (way) higher level Pokemon seems rather high.(Or if this is the base EXP and the other EXP is reduced really hard if you overlevel your opponents by allot I would say the base EXP is to high and then the EXP reduction for overleveling needs to be slightly adjusted if you chose to reduce the base)(The desired change all depends on what EXP curve you are using which I do not know, but I think you understand what I’m getting at here in layman's terms ‘’Quest EXP up and battle EXP slightly down versus higher levelled Pokemon)
-Money earned from some trainers seems to high. Maybe make it so you lose only 25% of your money on loss, but reduce the amount earned from some trainers.(Not sure how much you currently lose because believe it or not I did not lose a single time this run because I was well prepared in my expectations from the last time I played this game like two years ago, but if it’s 50% like I remember it to be in other Pokemon games reducing it to 25% will be less brutal and allow players to learn from their mistakes and have money for supplies to try again while reducing the overall money earned making it harder for those who try to do it perfect on the first try)
-Maybe make it so the healing girl in Viridian forest only heals your Pokemon once or once a day, because it just seems to strong currently to heal, then beat a few trainers, walk a bit back to heal again and then finish the rest of the forest.

Sorry for putting all this into one post, but I’m currently to short on time to make one for each topic and I thought you would rather have these sooner than later so you can fix these bugs and continue developing the game further.
I hope some of this has been useful to you.

Have a nice day,

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