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Post by TBC on Thu May 16, 2013 2:29 am

Hi guys!!!!

So this is where everyone comes to let themselves to be known to the community. So I figure I'll say hi as well!! Very Happy

I've been a Pokemon fan since I was really little. My older brothers used to give me Pokemon cards, and I first played Blue when my friend lent it to me. Then I found a copy in the middle of the road one day and got to start my own adventure Very Happy Since then, I've been in love with Pokemon Very Happy

I'm into a lot of other games as well. I like RPGs the most. Then I like to play Fighting games and Survival Horror. I just got Pandora's Tower recently, when it came out. That game is awesome Very Happy

Other than that, I just like art in general. Drawing, reading, writing, playing the violin and studying Japanese etc. That, hanging out with friends and stuff is me in a nutshell Smile Well, and spending almost all of my time making Gen 0 XD

So yeah, hi!! I hope to get to talk to you all and see a lot of life in the forums Very Happy

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