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Post by xhanort7 on Wed May 29, 2013 10:18 am

- You can walk into the wall beneath the mounted lantern in Samuel's room. You can also walk into the wall the 2 squares right of the window.
- Walking through the bed covers on the bottom portion of the bed in Samuel's room results in some odd pixel clipping.
- You can't walk inbetween the desk and the television in Samuel's room.
- The map says Essen Region. It should say Kanto Region right? The map of the Kanto is too small, and I'd reccomend scaling it up to fill the whole area. It seems to be completely broken right now.
- The Jukebox/iPoke doesn't list all the music unless you go to Exit.
- There's an invisible square infront of the couch in Steven and Claire's room.
- The dresser in Steven and Claire's room has the same examine text as Samuel's dresser thus referering to it as Samuel's dresser as well.
- You can see into another building from the front wall in Steven and Claire's room.
- You can walk on the top of the plant as well as the statues in Claire's living room.
- You can't walk to the right of the couch in Natasha's house.
- The couch in Natasha's house doesn't clip over the character resulting in the appearance of walking along the top of the couch.
- You can't walk between the staircase guard and the bottom of the bed with the Celfairy doll upstairs in Natasha's house.
- You can't walk to the right of the desk in the bottom left corner upstairs in Natasha's house.
- After you gender swap you can walk on the top halves of trees. The trees don't clip over you so you overlap the tops of them. Applies to beds, tvs, dressers, and stuff too. Reswapping or reloading the game doesn't fix.
- You can't walk right of Agatha's bookshelf.
- Leaf & time man invisble (pretty sure already mentioned on forums)
- You walk over all of Leaf's bed.
- There's a spot where you can't walk right of Leaf's couch.
- The blue, red, and yellow flowers that move in the wind on Route 1 can't be walked over.
- Younger Jimmy as his pokemon seem too far down during battle.
- Younger Jimmy's chat box doesn't display "Younger Jimmy:" before his text to indicate who he is.
- On Route 1 by the mountainous area with the diglets, after the first stairway up and close to the right of the second one: The three squares wide wall's left and right parts can be walked through.
- Mueller's roof doesn't stay over the character's head when you walk by it.
- The square left of the walkway leading up to Mueller's house can be walked through.
- The square two right and one down from the walkway leading up to Meuller's house can be walked through.
- You can walk over all of Meuller's bed.
- The bottom portion of Mueller's table clips over the character.
- A black spot where there's no tiles is visible in the corner left of Greg on Route 1.

- On the adventure infobox during the game introduction the mew image has some white pixels around the edges. The pokemon images may be placeholders though?
- What's up with the random generated name suggestions if you leave the naming field blank on Samuel? I think Samuel should be the only default. The games dialouge even assumes you leave the name unchanged.
- You may just want to place a rock, plant, or something in the way to prevent walking next to the outdoor staircase to Samuel's room to prevent the weirdness and clipping.
- Claire says "Herel" instead of Here when healing pokemon, but if she's not going to heal pokemon out of the demo, it doesn't matter.
- The examine text on Claire's phone says "The buttons seem worn down: This phone has been used a lot..." Should the colon be a period?
- One of Brent's dialogues in Pallet town says "see" instead of "saw". He is a kid though.
- When trying to leave without a pokemon you get a double punctuation.!
- The sign post for Pallet Town has no background beneath the font thus reducing readability.
- Battle background circle panels in the battle with Agetha on Route 1 might be better off not being there.
- Steven's character picture chat portrait thing doesn't go to the bottom of the screen.
- Put a ' after doin in Mueller's mining mini-game dialouge. (like this: doin')

List of things without examine text:
- The painting/drawing in Claira's house on the right doesn't have examine text or an image.
- Natasha of Pallet Town's mailbox doesn't have examine text.
- The candle on the table in Natasha's house doesn't have examine text.
- The desk and window upstairs in Natasha's house don't have examine text.
- The plant on the left in Ross's and Natasha's room doesn't have examine text. The window also doesn't have examine text.
- The painting above the bed with the Celfairy doll upstairs in Natasha's house doesn't have examine text.
- Painting in Agatha's room.
- Map in Agatha's room.
- The candle on Leaf's table.
- Painting in Leaf's house.
- Picture upstair's in Leaf's house.
- The pile of logs (or backpack?) outside of Mueller's house.

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Post by TBC on Wed May 29, 2013 11:44 am

Thank you very much for the thorough report ^_^

The demo is also currently updated, so you won't be on top of things and can also play as Agatha. Thanks again! Smile

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Post by Fou on Thu May 30, 2013 12:31 am

Looks like many of the things I found, xhanort found as well. I posted pictures of many of them, but I didn't catch everything that he caught. Nice work xhanort. Smile

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