Leaf's adventure, a Gen 0 fanfic

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Leaf's adventure, a Gen 0 fanfic

Post by Fou on Fri May 31, 2013 6:13 pm

This fanfiction will star Leaf (who was recently removed from the most recent demo but might be put back in or replaced in future demos.  In that case, assume that "Leaf" is related to the person who replaces her, or since fanfics don't really need to stick to reality pretend it's a parallel universe.  I will try to keep things as close to canon with the game as possible though).  Since this will be following closely to Gen 0, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  If you wish not to have something spoiled, I'd suggest you complete the most recent release of the game before reading the next chapter as I will attempt to cover the entire contents of a release in each chapter (that doesn't mean there won't be multiple entries per chapter).  In this fanfiction, Leaf is another youth from Pallet town who grew up with Sam and Agatha.  

She is a silent "rival" to them in the fact that although her team will attempt to create a triad against theirs (which is pretty difficult due to typing), yet she will never actually interact with them (unless TBC likes the idea of the fanfic and has her appear in the game in which case I'll write that interaction into my fanfic).  She will, however, see them throughout their journey and basically stalk them around (kind of like how Team Rocket does with Ash, yet she won't try to steal their pokemon. Wink )

If the name "Leaf" bothers you because she supposedly is from Gen 1, then pretend she is the grandmother of the Leaf in Gen 1 and they just happen to share the same name.

With all that said, let the fanfiction begin!

Chapter 1
Fateful Encounter of a Psychic Kind

“...so if you're ever in Pewter City, come stop by our Pokemon Center; and we will bring your pokemon back to full strength.”

“Thank you Nurse Joy.  Alright folks, that's it today on our tour around Kanto.  Tune in tomorrow for our interview with Miyamoto, the Gym leader of Viridian City's Gym.  See you tomorrow!”


Tomorrow?  Who cares about tomorrow?  I'm going to live today, and it feels like an adventure kind of day!  Look out, World, Leaf is on the prowl.

Leaf stood up from sitting on the couch in her room.  The day had just begun, and after watching the morning news, it was time for her to get on with the day.  “Mmmm!” Leaf moaned as she lifted her hands clasped together above her head and leaned backwards to stretch out her back.  “Right!  Let's see, I need to make sure I have everything together before heading out today.”

Leaf walked over to the dresser in the corner of her small room and started pulling out clothes, throwing the ones she didn't like across the room, and finally changed out of her pjs into her undergarments and over them a sleeveless light blue shirt, a short red skirt, socks that almost went up to her knees, and a pair of red and white sneakers.  She picked up her yellow bag full of necessities like her purse, perfume, nail polish, a sparkly brown brush, some aspirin, band-aids, candy, twenty kinds of identification, a book, paper, more candy, breath-mints, a spare toothbrush and toothpaste, an extra pair of socks, an umbrella... you know, just the bare essentials.  “Okay, it's all here. Time to go!”  

After taking a quick trip to the restroom to brush her hair and teeth, Leaf ran downstairs and straight out the door.  Or rather, she would have ran straight out the door if her mother didn't stop her.  “Not so fast, Young Lady!  You need to eat breakfast first!  Take a seat at the table after getting something out of the fridge to eat.”

“Aw Mom... I'm in a hurry.  I'm going on an adventure today!”

“No excuses, Leaf.  You need to eat some good nutritious food to start the day off right.”

After making a loud groan, Leaf stomped over to the fridge and opened it up.  Inside the fridge was pretty much empty, except for leftover pizza from the night before.  She checked the freezer and there was more frozen pizza and other frozen goods.  Sighing, Leaf took some of the leftover pizza and heated it up on the stove.  “Mom, the fridge is empty again,” she muttered as she devoured her pizza by the stove.

“Again?  You're such a pig.  How can we be out of food already?”

Oh sure, she just told me to eat and now she's saying I'm eating too much.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  You had something come in the mail today,” Leaf's mother said and handed her a package.

“Oh my God! It's finally here!” Leaf exclaimed as she tore open the package as quickly as she could.  Inside was a hat with the picture of half of an Apricorn ball that trainers use to catch pokemon.  “Yes! My limited edition Apricorn hat from Kurt, the inventor of apricorn balls! ALRIGHT!”

“Leaf, there's no need to yell!”  Her mother shouted.  Leaf put the white hat on top of her long brown hair.

“Okay, Mom.  I'm heading out now. Bye!” Leaf quickly said as she darted out of the house before her mother could reply.

Fresh air brushed against the young girl's face as beams of sunlight shined down on her.  She rose a hand to the edge of her hat to help shield her eyes as she glanced around her home town of Pallet.  It's a small town, but it's a good one.  

Leaf's house rested at the northern end of the town with the exit to Route 1 basically right outside her room- which is why she keeps the window closed even though she's on the second story. I mean, what if a Rattata decided to climb up the wall and jump into MY room!?  That's so gross!  

On the western edge of town rested Agatha's house.  Agatha is just a dumb blond who is always playing around with Sammy.  Ugh, I can't stand her.  She's a pest!  Always trying to push me around, and she pushes Sam around too!  Speaking of Samuel, his house is located on top of a hill in the southeastern part of town.  And finally, just south of Agatha's house lived Ms. Natasha who was always making awesome food.

“Let's see... what should I do today on my adventure?” Leaf thought as she started walking around town.  She noticed that little Rosie was around rather mischievously, so Leaf decided to get a closer look.  It appeared as though Rosie clasped tightly to some berries.  Hmm... I bet those are for Sam.  Rosie has always had a huge crush on him.  Oh?

Off in the distance Leaf noticed Agatha walking by with a purpose towards Sam's house.  Now what could SHE be up to?  I better keep an eye on her.  Leaf crept her way south through town, hiding closely against the hill so she wasn't seen by the blond girl all the way up to the entrance to Samuel Oak's house.

Sam Oak's house was rather unique.  Instead of a traditional two-story house, Sam's room was detached from the first floor and could only be entered by stairs on the outside.  Agatha ran up the stairs and entered the room without knocking.  That little witch!  What if he was in there getting dressed still?  I know that he's usually up already, but he could have slept in for once.  She definitely should've knocked.  I better go make sure everything is okay.

Leaf zoomed up the stairs and noticed the door was still opened a crack.  She crouched down and peered into the room to see Sam and Agatha talking.  As usual, Agatha was being rather rude to Sam and.... Wait just a darn minute.  When did Agatha get her own apricorn ball!?  Does she actually have a pokemon already?  She better not!  Grr! She makes me so mad! That little b-wh-whoa!!  As Leaf started to stand back up, she lost her balance, slipped over the top step of the stairs, and went tumbling downward.


“Oww.... That smarts! Now I'm even madder!  I need to go get a pokemon of my own!  Aha, that's what today's adventure shall be.  Leaf, expert pokemon capturer shall capture her first pokemon!  Oh yeah, this is going to be great!  I'm going to show that Agatha who's boss!  Oww... as long as I don't kill myself first that is.”

Chapter 1, part 2.

Leaf pondered to herself, Now how exactly am I going to catch one? Pokemon 101: you must weaken a pokemon before capturing it. So in order to catch a pokemon I need to already have a pokemon. I how the first pokemon was caught then. Did the researcher just tackle it themselves? Did they just continuously throw apricorn balls at it until the pokemon gave up? Did it just fall into a giant hole and couldn't get out until it agreed to join a researcher? Well, that doesn't really matter because there's no way i'm going to do it that way, but how can I do it?

“Oh hi there Leaf. I thought I heard a crash. Are you okay dear?”

Leaf jumped and turned around. There stood Claire Oak, Sam's mom, with her dragon pokemon Tini. The baby dragon cooed at Leaf and wrapped around her leg in a friendly manner. “Yes ma'am. I just tripped, but i'm alright. No need to worry about me.”

“Well, okay then. Do be careful. Kids will be kids, but we don't want you breaking an arm or a leg by rough housing too much. I think Samuel is up in his room if you haven't already stopped by, you should. Anyways, I need to get around. I have to start working on lunch for the family. Take care hun. Come Tini.” Claire recalled Tini into the apricorn ball.

“Okay, will do. See you later Mrs. Oak.” Leaf said as she watched her walk back into the house. Jackpot! I found out how I'm going to get my first pokemon. Oh, I'm such a genius. I can just sneak into the house, borrow Tini for a little while, catch a pokemon, and then return her before lunch. Oh yeah, this is going to be great!

Leaf started to walk to the front door. WAIT!! I can't just walk right through the front door. I'm sure on a normal every day kind of thing I could since I'm friends with Sammy, but not right now. Not with Operation Borrow Tini underway. I need to sneak through a window or something. Yeah, that's what I need to do.
Leaf did a 180 and started to walk away from the house. Then when she was a little bit away from it, she stealthily snuck to one of the back windows and climbed into the house. Leaf tried not to make any sounds as she entered and landed softly on the floor. Now where could that apricorn ball be? Leaf peered around the room. Crap! Steven, Sammy's loudmouth of a father was sitting on the couch watching tv. I hope he didn't hear or see me. It doesn't seem like he has. I better be careful. She crawled over to the bookcase in the center of the room and quietly started looking through them. Ah ha! She found Tini's ball resting in an opening on the shelf. Now to make my escape.

Steven coughed. Oh sh- She looked over at him again, but Steven hadn't noticed her yet. Leaf quietly crawled back to the window and quickly made her escape out of it undetected. The young thief dashed down the hills and stopped right outside her house where she was out of breath.

“Yes! It worked! Now time to go get a pokemon!” Leaf quickly walked over to the entrance of the town and entered Route 1. Right away she was greeted by a group of Pidgeotto flying overhead. Looking up at them, she started forward and tripped over a Rattata. “AAAAH!!! A RATTATA!!” Leaf kicked it and ran west.

“Oof!!” While trying to get away from the Rattata, Leaf inadvertantly ran into Greg from town. “Oops, sorry Greg. I saw a Rattata and got scared.”

“A Rattata? Oh come on, those are all over the place and you've lived in Pallet your entire life, haven't you? You should be used to them by now...”

“Well... yeah.... but they're so gross! Those big teeth, that long tail... ugh! I need to hurry up and get myself a pokemon and get out of this place!” Leaf peered around her hoping to see a pokeon that was NOT a Rattata.

“Oh, you're looking for pokemon? You should take some items with you otherwise you're going to have problems by yourself.” Greg offered.

“Err... uh thank you... Anyways, I got to go now!” Leaf dashed away from Greg. That guy is nice but he's a creeper. Always giving me things for no reason and looking at me weird. I don't know what's worse, him or those rats. They both have those weird eyes.

Leaf rounded the corner and started to head north until she ran into a pokemon that she had never seen before. She knew immediately as she stared at it that this was the pokemon for her if she wanted to challenge Agatha.

This pokemon was....

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or want me to go into more details about a specific theme.  I hope you enjoy this.  It has been edited into the first post.

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Re: Leaf's adventure, a Gen 0 fanfic

Post by TBC on Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:12 am

Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see how this develops ^_^ I'm always open to suggestions and ideas for Gen 0. I just need the ideas to be fully realized to be considered. :p

Again, I look forward to it!!! Very Happy

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