Hello, Generation Zero Community!

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Hello, Generation Zero Community!

Post by Ciggy5 on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:37 pm

Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to be a new member of this forum after finding out about this incredibly original project! My name is Chris, and I actually have some history in fan games such as this. I've worked alongside many devoted people, helping in the story and game-play portions of some successful fan-produced Pokemon games. I found out about Generation Zero from a video by TheJWittz on YouTube, and would love to do what I can to give to the community!

- Chris A.K.A Ciggy5

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Re: Hello, Generation Zero Community!

Post by TBC on Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:11 pm

Topic has been moved to the "New Trainers" forum, because this is an introduction and thus does not belong in the Gen 0 General Discussion. Please keep an eye out for correct thread placement Smile

Hey Chris!!! I am really happy to have you in the Generation 0 community!!! Oh, really? Which fan-games have you worked on? There is a forum section for those as well. So you can definitely go there and make threads about them Very Happy

If you are interested in working on Generation 0, you can email me at pokemongen0@gmail.com. Make the subject of the email "TBC". Present any proof-of-work you can and just let me know what you wish to bring to the table.

But yeah, I'm glad you found the site. Hope to see you around!

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